How Much to Tip A Cab Driver

It isn't always easy to know how much to tip a cab driver, since theyre not always easy to understand in the brief exchanges you have with them.  One guy might turn into a smiling paragon of service, opening your door and taking your bags out of his trunk, if you gave him a substantial tip; another might growl as you get your bags yourself (same big tip).   Its hard to tell what to do about the cab tip. 

Some of you might be wondering, Do you tip a cab driver at all?  OK, just sit for a minute and picture the driver as you do NOT tip him, roaring off into the night and conveniently forgetting to let you get your bags out of his trunk.   Might not happen; probably would'nt. Tip the guy anyway. 

Think about this a minute: a cabbie is a part of your network, a pretty important part.  If you do any flying at all, you probably have a regular driver anyway.   Him you tip, and tip nicely, because you see him all the time and you want him happy to serve you.   He will be the one who, if youve been a regular tipper, will take extra care to get you to your flight in plenty of time, and will definitely help you with your bags.  A tip for him is as natural as a handshake at a business meeting. 

What about the other example angry, growly and mad at you and the world as he deigns to take you places?   Oh, yeah, definitely tip him, too.  You dont want him any madder. 

The question is, therefore, not do you tip the man, but how MUCH do you tip. 

Your fare to the airport is $20.00.  A friendly, cordial and helpful cab driver who helps you with your luggage always gets around 20% as a tip.  Pony up the four bucks, and if you only have a five, give him the five.  Let's say that again: give him the five.  Do NOT ask a cabbie to break a bill for a tip.

The guy who was NOT friendly or courteous?  You can knock off a buck if you feel like it and make it 15%, but never less than that.  You just might run into that cabbie again, and he just might remember the cheapskate who stiffed him the last time.  In which case hed take you to the airport, but let you off at the wrong airline.  It's been known to happen. 

If the taxi service you regularly work with, the one who gets you to the airport on a weekly (or more frequent) basis, is friendly, genial and helpful, especially with the bags, 20% of the fare is a pretty cheap price to have good, continuous and friendly service at your beck and call. 

Just follow the simple rule of thumb: Nice guy = 20%, not so nice = 15%.  NO LESS.  That way,you won't need to ask yourself how much to tip a cab driver, and youll find them much easier to understand.

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