How to Find the Best Acupuncturist 2019 in Killeen TX Alternative Approach near me


Are you looking to find the best acupuncturist in Killeen, TX? Are you looking for an alternative approach to enhancing your health or to alleviate pain? Acupuncture may be the perfect solution for you. How do you find the best acupuncturist in Killeen? We set out to help you do just that. For your consideration, we would like to present:

Most people start by asking family and friends. But what if you are new to the area? 

You could always look in the phone book, but that really isn’t the best way to pick an acupuncturist or any health professional for that matter.

None the less, here are a few criteria that will help you find a good acupuncturist.


 Make sure you select an acupuncturist that not only has vast experience in acupuncture, but that is also experienced in specifically what you are looking to treat. it is important that they understand your individual needs. Look for an acupuncturist that takes the time to listen to you.


 It is of the utmost importance to know what qualifications they have, including their license or license number. (the state will have this on record.) An acupuncturist usually requires special training in order to properly use acupuncture techniques and acupuncture needles as part of your treatment plan. It is perfectly acceptable to ask to see these training and certification proofs.

Chinese medicine practitioners who practice acupuncture have some of the lowest malpractice insurance premiums in the country amongst all healthcare providers due to the low occurrence of injuries or harm. That being said, you should still select one that carries malpractice insurance, just to be safe.

Speak with several acupuncturists.

It is a good idea to interview a few acupuncturists before making your final decision. It is not just about their qualifications, but how well you connect with them. When visiting their clinic, is it neat and clean? Do they use sterile one-time-use needles? Also, be sure to ask them exactly how much they charge. No one likes to gets a surprise when the bill is presented. 

Check references.

Ask for a list of past clients from each acupuncturist that you are considering. Be sure to call a few of their past patients and ask them how it went, as well as if they experienced any issues during their treatments with the doctor. Does the acupuncturist spend sufficient time? You might have needles inserted for just a few minutes or for quite a while and your practitioner may or may not stay in the room with you. You should never feel rushed by your acupuncturist.

Look for reviews. 

Before hiring an acupuncturist, check to see if they have a BBB rating. You can also enter the acupuncturist's name followed by the words “injury” or “scam” and see if anything pops up. You might also find some information on their company from their website or local medical boards. 


Make sure everything is discussed prior to finding and choosing an acupuncturist. They may ask you many questions in order to get the whole picture of what’s going on. While some of these questions may sound strange, it is necessary to help diagnose reasons for migraines or painful headaches and to determine the appropriate treatment plan.

Does your acupuncturist love their job? 

Sounds ridiculous? It’s not. You want to choose someone who truly loves being an acupuncturist, who stays on top of their industry advancements and is always looking for ways to better help their patients. The best acupuncturists are proactive. They are looking at you, your life and your symptoms or illness as one big picture.  They are not just looking at your symptoms, but you as a whole person. 

When looking for the best acupuncturist, it is important to consider all of these points. You may be sharing intimate details with them so the more honest you are with them, the better. Healing does take time and patience is often required.