Cheap Auto Floor Coverings for Garage Vinyl Versus Rubber

Looking for cheap auto floor coverings?  Perhaps something to add style and finishing touch to your garage? Flooring can make the case. The normal concrete flooring is doable, but why not make your garage flooring attractive and comfortable? This can be done cheaply – only if you know the drill.

Apart from the upfront price that you pay, you will have to cater to its longtime expenditure as well, so it is always wise to make an investment one time and correctly! These are the factors that you need to consider while deciding on the auto floor coverings for your garage:


You need to check on the lifespan of the flooring that you plan to buy for your garage. If it is appropriate for the vehicles that would be parked inside, and its warranty for your specific application. 


The cost of floor maintenance can be very high and it is important to opt for the type of flooring that requires the least maintenance; and also that the infrequent maintenances should cost less – both in terms of material burden and the labor required.


The overall floor appearance can cost you customers and also bring them – because impression matters! Invest in something that complements the overall interiors; also, your floor design will have major implications on the safety, durability and maintenance of the garage flooring.


Safety for everyone should be the first concern that should be addressed. The floor should not be slippery, this may cause serious hazards. Its air quality, bacteria build up and mold build up should also be addressed. 

One of the notable floor coverings for garage to satisfy the above mentioned requirements can be vinyl and rubber – you will have to decide, which one from the two! So, lets compare vinyl versus rubber


Available in different sizes, patterns and colors; your garage floor will always look new with the Vinyl coverings. Not only this, vinyl coverings protect the garage from against the corrosives such as battery acids, oil and antifreeze etc. These coverings are easy to clean, just with soap and water. However, vinyl floor coverings are not stain proof. It is a good sound insulator and thus reduces noise. Vinyl is water resistant and has a comfy underfoot. Be it summers or winters – you don’t have to bother with Vinyl floorings. Too easy to install, this can also be classified under the Do it yourselves. The only condition you require is a dry and leveled subfloor. 

With the Pros, the flooring type also has some Cons. It can get discolored after coming in contact with rubber, is prone to yellowing and may not be resistant to chemical stains.

These are extra thick and tough – specifically for the garage floors and the vinyl sheet is one of the budget friendly options. 


It can be installed without glue. Rubber flooring is tough and resistant to chemical stains. Coming in various designs and patterns, it is easy to replace if it gets damaged. The best part about rubber flooring is that they generally come with 25 years warranty. 

Despite the factor that rubber flooring is highly durable, it has a soft underfoot and thus makes it comfortable. Rubber is also water resistant and very easy to maintain. Due to its elasticity, rubber is a good insulator and can be revamped in to different styles – can even have a wood look. 

The premium rubber can cost more than Vinyl but it has the guaranteed warranty. It can be slippery, but it causes lesser harm to the subfloor. It is a shock absorber and thus is more preferable in garages. 

The problem with rubber is that it will break over time, on its own! You need to decide!

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