How to Find a Dentist thats Right for you

You need to be aware of the various fields of dentistry in order to choose the perfect dentist for your particlular problem. To find a dentist, you can start searching for a dentist by asking your family doctor for a reference. You could even go to a general dentist who is licensed to diagnose dental problems and other oral conditions. If need be, he could refer you to a specialized dental practitioner. All qualified dentists have to be designated- either a DDS (Doctor of Dental Surgery) or a DMD (Doctor of Dental Medicine). They should also be assisted by a dentist hygienist and a dental assistant. While the hygienist would take care of cleaning the infected area, the assistant would help the dentist by taking care of the anesthesia and developing radiographs.

Some Factors to Be Kept In Mind While Choosing A Dentist

Before you try to find and select a dentist for yourself, do consider these following factors:

  • Find out how long the dentist has been in practice. Inquire about his training and years of experience. You have to be very sure if the dentist in question is trained in the dentistry procedure that you are required to undergo.
  • If he does not suit your needs, then ask him for a reference.
  • Before you pay up the starting fee, know all the pros and cons of the various options that the dentist suggests for your problem.
  • Inquire whether he participates in some professional dental society programs. If he does, then he would be up-to-date on the latest procedures and the advances in the field of dentistry.
    See if the dentist that you have selected has an emergency care facility. For example, is he also available on the phone or over the weekend. 
  • If you need some other comforts like music or heating pads to console you, then make sure that the dentist offers all such amenities.
  • It would be better if your dentist used advanced techniques like dental lasers than simple drills and scalpels.
  • If you require a cosmetic dentistry procedure, then remember to ask for photos of previous patients who have had similar treatments.
  • Lastly, know the fees before hand and ask for benefit coverage, if any.

Remember that the pre-determined dental cost should include the procedure fee, facilities fee, anesthesia fee and all other costs. Try and locate a dentist with whom you feel comfortable and whose staff is courteous and helpful. Also if you require several sittings, then try to locate a dentist near your home. A dentist whose clinic is too far off would not be a feasible option if you require multiple visits.

One of the newest search engines people used to find dentists is It allows you to not only read detailed information regarding their practice, but allows you to read patients reviews regarding the quality of care, responsiveness, punctuality, reliability, etc.

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