Want To Find A Dentist Its A Bit Like Finding A Mate

You want to find a dentist.  Or more specifically, you want to find a dentist that takes my insurance. Finding a dentist is just a bit like finding a mate at a matchmaking website, since what you do there is quite similar to what you do when you want to find the one or the other.  

First of all, you find the website for a local dentist.  Most of the websites youll find have little search engines of their own, and they'll say Find a Dentist.  This will be on the main page, engraved in a red or green box like a Christmas present.  Usually all you need to do is you enter your zip code to find the closest dentists to you.

But, just like the matchmaking website, finding a dentist doesnt end there.  There are a number of questions youd ask about a prospective mate before you made a commitment; the same is true of a dentist youre considering.  

First and foremost, you want to know if he will take your dental insurance.  If he accepts your plan (and most of them let you know right away if they do), thats half the battle.  You obviously need to know all you can about his professional fees and payment plans, in case something major should come up; you want to know what youre covered for.  But the inquiry doesnt stop there, because theres still a lot to learn about this fellow. 

Second, you want a place close to your home or office; your zip code placement should have taken care of that, but some zip codes are quite extensive, depending on the city you live in, and convenience is a huge factor in finding the right dentist.  

Third, you want to visit the office as soon as you can, and let the dentist know this is a routine visit to check him out.  Most dentists dont mind.  What are you looking for in your first visit?  You want an office that is clean and well-organized, well-staffed with a group of people who seem efficient and knowledgeable about their jobs.  They should be friendly, courteous and helpfulof course, thats a given. 

Next, you'll want to ask how dental emergencies are handled.  If you break a tooth on a Saturday night, is there a way to get a cap, a crown or some kind of dental assistance for that, or is the dentist out of town and out of mind until late Monday morning?  

Next, what is the policy for a cancelled appointment?  Things come up, naturally, and youll want to know what kind of notice you need to give the dentist and, most importantly, if theres a fee for cancellation. 

Next, will the dentist and his staff give helpful and free advice to prevent dental difficulties, and are educational materials available to maintain your dental health?

Finally, are you and the family comfortable with this man/woman?  If the answer to all of the above is yes, smileyou now know the reply to the question, how do I find a dentist that takes my insurance, and, more importantly, youve won the game of Find a Dentist!

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