How to Choose the Best Chimney Cap

Chimney Caps are as the name infers the caps on top of the chimney on your roof.  They are designed to keep rain, wind and animal pests out of the chimney, but there are different types so choosing the one that works the best for your chimney is the first step.  Once you have chosen a cap, then having the chimney cap installation take place is the next phase.  If you already have a cap, but it is broken, there are also options for chimney cap repair under some warranties so checking before buying a whole new one might be advised.

Wind Directional Cap, Roman Helmet or Rooster Tail might be names of items that belong anywhere but atop your chimney, but they and some other colorful ones are actually terms for chimney caps.  While the idea seems simple enough to keep wind and rain and critters from coming into the chimney and simultaneously allowing air flow out of it, there is some complicated science behind it.  To explain, lets compare an airplane and a chimney cap. It sounds a bit funny to compare those two things, but there are some similarities that connect them.  An airplane is made of thin metal and so is the cap.  The airplane needs to be reinforced to withstand the air pressure and the cap, which is exposed to the wind and weather as well, needs to have the same type of reinforcement to be able to withstand high winds passing over your roof.  The study of aerodynamics applies to both our airplane and the cap, so in this way the two are similar.

Any time someone mentions an installation, someone gasps and thinks about the cost involved in having someone do it for them.  In this case chimney cap installation is not difficult at all.  There are no real parts to install, just put it in place and if you can tighten a bolt, then you can put on your own chimney cap.  The most complicated part of this is to make sure that you have chosen a cap that can fit onto your chimney.  Doing measurements is important and also knowing what shape you need because not all chimneys are round.  Some are square or rectangular or even oval.  The cap measurements must be done by measuring from the outside of the chimney and not from the inside wall.  If you look at your chimney and think that none of the shapes really seem to match or you are unsure of your measurements, some companies will be able to help if you send them a picture of your chimney.  Sometimes custom chimneys are installed and then you would need a specially made cap.

Chimney Caps are necessary items to keep your chimney working properly and to protect it from animal invasions.  There are different types and models of caps. To find the best one for your house, measuring is the first step.  Once you know what shape your chimney is and you have determined what size cap you'll need, then shopping online and in local stores to find your best price is the next step.  If your cap breaks in a storm or being hit by a tree or something, check with the company that you purchased it from and see if a chimney cap repair is possible or if a new one is in your best interest. Installing a new chimney cap is not difficult, just slide it in and tighten the bolt, but if you are afraid of heights, you might want to get someone to do it for you.

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