Finding and Hiring the Best Chimney Repair Service

Chimney Repair can become necessary after a storm, if critters have invaded or even just because it is old. Repair can be needed on the outside or the inside of the chimney and sometimes the damage is not easily seen.  Outside damage is visible with any loose bricks, crumbling and falling mortar and cracks in the chimney.  Some birds like chimney swifts actually search for chimneys to make a nest in and lay eggs.  Evidence of bird or squirrels and other wildlife can also be seen with a quick inspection.  If you have animal control issues, you need to take care of them before doing the chimney repair, otherwise your animal tenants will settle back into the chimney and your problem will need to be fixed all over again.

Inside damage may really only be seen with a video inspection by a chimney sweep. Of course, regular inspections and cleaning should cut down on damage caused by neglect.  When calling a chimney sweep, be careful that you don't get stuck in one of the chimney repair scams that happen.  To determine chimney repair costs, you should get estimates for the work.  By getting more than one estimate, you can compare prices and companies, as well as get a good price.

Looking for a list of chimney sweeps can be done by searching local listings online or in print.  Once you have a list, checking the company out for complaints or for good ratings can save a big headache as you go through the process. Angies List is a good place to get a variety of opinions and information. If you are reasonably sure that the problem is on the outside of the chimney beware of someone trying to talk you into many more services.  To avoid chimney repair scams, ask for video or photographic evidence of the damage that the chimney sweep claims is present.  Don't be rushed into any decisions with any emergency repairs.  A chimney inspection can cost about one hundred to three hundred dollars depending on type of chimney and accessibility.  If a chimney repair is needed then the chimney sweep should be able to give you an estimate of the cost involved and even what supplies might be needed. 

If you are handy, then some repairs like putting flashing around the chimney are things you can do yourself with a little information from a manual or online.  This do-it-yourself approach may save on chimney repair costs, but if you are unsure of what should be done, then a professional doing the job may be a better choice so that you wont have to redo the job more than once.

Chimney Repair is one household chore that requires some help from professionals.  A chimney sweep can inspect your chimney during the routine maintenance visit.  Many chimney sweeps have video equipment to check the interior of your chimney.  If there is a problem discovered, always ask for proof, like photo or video and an estimate before any work is completed.  Do not let yourself be rushed into a repair because you could become victim to scam.  Getting three estimates for the work to be done can give you an idea of what actually needs to be repaired and also how much is reasonable to pay for it. While some repairs are fairly easy to do, care in climbing up to and on the roof should be taken and if you or your handy spouse is afraid of heights or isn't confident in doing the repair, it may make sense to find someone to do the job for you.

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