Home Foundation Repair Cost - How Much

Home foundation repair cost keeps many homeowners from hiring a professional contractor to do the job. However, before making your foundation repair a do it yourself project it is important to establish how much will it cost to repair a foundation. The cost of repairing a foundation varies on the basis of several factors.

It is estimated that in most countries, the cost of repairing a foundation is about $4,468. In some places home foundation repair projects cost homeowner from $3,578 to $5,360. Nevertheless, failing to repair a foundation properly can lead to serious structural problems of a building or home. However, there are several ways that can be used to bargain for a better deal on a foundation repair project.

Before choosing the contractor to hire for your home foundation repair project, you need to know certain factors to enable you to bargain for the cost of the project.  They include the following:

Type of your foundation
You need to start by knowing your type of foundation. This is very important because it will enable you to determine the problem and how it can be fixed. The easier it is to know the problem of your foundation the easier it is for you to determine what it is likely to cost the contractor in purchasing materials and the time that they are likely to take in fixing it.

Cause of the foundation problem

Foundation problems can be caused by several factors including the soil on which it is built, tree roots, and poor maintenance. There are foundation problems that are caused by interferences with the foundation as it was settling causing it to move. Some problems worsen if left for long without being repaired. Often, you can avoid the cost of foundation repair by acting quickly and having problems fixed whenever you detect them. 

Extent of the foundation problem
When you know the extent of the foundation problem, you can easily bargain for the repair service. This is very important because it enables you to do your own estimation as the contractor gives you theirs.

Structural reports

Before hiring a contractor to repair your foundation, it is important to hire the service of a structural engineer first. A structural engineer is not interested in offering you a repair service. Thus, they will give you an unbiased opinion as the solution that will help in fixing the problem. Going straight to a professional contractor to repair your foundation is likely to cost you more because the contractor is interested in working on your repair project.

Resale value of the home
Foundation problems make reselling a home impossible or difficult. Hiring a contractor at a reasonable price becomes difficult when the contractor learns that you want to resell your home and the repair. As such, do not disclose to the contractor that you intend to sell your home after the repair. However, make sure that the repair is done professionally and in the best way possible.

Having sufficient knowledge on your foundation and its problems is very important. It enables you to determine the cost that the contractor is likely to charge you for the project. It will also enable you to bargain for a better deal on the repair project with the contractor.

Finally, home foundation repair cost is high in some cases but it is worth it when you consider the resale value. Thus, how much it costs should not be an issue.