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You may have found yourself in a dilemma wondering whether you should engage in a foundation repair do it yourself project or call a professional contractor. In some cases, you may have repaired clogged drains, broken dishwashers or leaking sinks without the help of a professional contractor. Perhaps, you might have also visited the home of your neighbors during foundation repair and seen what was being done and how it was being done.

Maybe to you foundation repair is not a big task that you cannot accomplish on your own. Regardless of how you view it, foundation repair project is vital and it should be done properly to provide a lasting solution. There are many causes of foundation problems and to ensure a lasting solution these problems should be identified and dealt with properly. As such, you need to ask yourself, is the foundation do it yourself project or should you contact a professional contractor? The answer to this question varies on the basis of different factors

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before making your decision:

Type of your foundation
You need to determine whether your foundation is a basement, crawlspace or a slab. This is very important because it helps in determining the right repair approach for the foundation. If you are not sure about the type of the foundation for your home, contact a professional contractor to avoid messing up with the project. If you know the type of foundation of your home, then move on to the next step.

Identify the problem of the foundation
Before you start repairing the foundation, make sure that you know what the exact problem is. You can see signs such as doors or windows sinking, cracked walls on the foundation or cracked bricks, sagging floor, sheetrock cracks and bowing walls of the basement among others. Use these signs while evaluating the basement to know the problem. After knowing the problem, make sure that you have skills, tools and materials necessary for fixing the problem.

Determine the kind of repair that you need
This is very important because it helps you determine whether you can fix the problem without help of a professional contractor. There are instances when you must find a contractor to help you. These include when the exterior wall or the bricks are cracked, when the chimney has started leaning away from your house and when the exterior windows or doors stick because they are away from the square with other exterior walls. These are signs of a problem of the exterior walls that are sitting on the slab or the concrete footing.

It is important that you consider these signs carefully and then determine the right solution to the problem. You can engage in a do it yourself project if you have the following signs on your property: sagging floors, sheetrock cracks on your interior walls and sticking closet or room doors

Some problems of the foundation can be fixed by do it yourself enthusiasts although others require advanced levels of skills and experience. Nevertheless, foundation repair is not a simple task and it requires careful attention and proper fixing. This is because if the problem is not fixed it causes more problem which might be costly to repair in the future.

Therefore, before you decide to do any foundation repair on your own, make sure that you know what exactly the problem is and what is causing it. This will enable you to implement a lasting solution to your foundation problem.

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