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Are you looking for the Best Property Management Company in Orlando FL in 2019? Many property owners no longer live or work onsite of their commercial or residential properties in Orlando. What are the unique roles of today’s Property Management company? For this reason, we set out to determine the best company for you to engage. For your consideration, please accept our selection.

SmartGuy® 2019 Best Property Management Company in Orlando, FL is:

Sherlock Global Holdings  Michael Swenson 4700 Millenia Boulevard Orlando FL USA, 32839  (407) 698-7186

Traditional Commercial or Residential Property Management

What is expected of a Property Management firm?

The professional you deal with should be proactive. They should do all that they can to ensure that the property is in good condition and that tenants are happy. This means anticipating needs and acting on them. Organizational skills are necessary for any property manager. They should be able to complete the tasks given to them effectively and efficiently.  It is also important to ensure that they have good people skills. They should be able to listen to tenants especially when there are problems in the building.

What Role does the Property Manager Play? 

  • Obtain tenants or buyers for a property. 
  • Develop relationships with marketing partners to ensure that the property is listed to attract the appropriate clientele.
  • Responsible for interview each applicant.
  • Act as ambassadors for the property owner and show the applicants to view the property. 

They are:

  • Knowledgable about the property and are able to answer any questions that may arise concerning the property.  
  • Primary contacts when anything arises regarding the property. If necessary, they then report the situation to the property owner.
  • Hold a fiduciary position in handling all the paperwork involving the building. 
  • Responsible for keeping records, preparing leases, title deeds and any other paperwork that may arise.
  • Responsible for hiring contractors who maintain and manage the building. 
  • Next Generation Property Management - Timeshare vs Vacation Club

What is the difference between a Vacation Club and a Timeshare Program? 

Very little. They are basically the same. You purchase a membership into the program and it allows you to use a condo, hotel suite or room, personal residence, at selected times of the year. 

How does it work?

You schedule your time with them to use this space at a minimum of one week, but you can also purchase as many weeks as you want.

In many programs, you purchase a specific location, and you are allowed to trade your time for different locations and different times. You have access to a directory of places to occupy all over the world.

A number of these programs have a point system that determines the quality and time your location is available. 

What does a program like this cost?

The cost of your timeshare/vacation club rental depends. It can cost as little as $5,000 and go as high as $350,000. 

Is there a membership fee?

Yes. The payment rules differ from package to package. In addition to paying for the time you occupy the place, you may pay annual membership dues, as well as, monthly maintenance fees. 

Since I'm not tied to one location, am I ever considered a property owner?

Again, it all depends on the program. You can be considered a real estate owner which give you permanent ownership, but in other, your ownership is limited for a set period of time or expires with your death.

If I own the property in the program, can I sell it?

For the lower priced programs, it's up to you to sell the package and get whatever you can for it. For the upscale program packages, in most cases, you get a buyback guarantee of 80% or more of the initial purchase price. 

So you see, a vacation club can be identical to the timeshare program.

How do I find the best Timeshare Companies?

The Best Travel Property Management company will provide their members’ discounts and provide them with a list of Timeshare properties, as well as a list of their partner companies who manage and book vacation and transportation rentals such as:


Even if you are familiar with the companies listed above, you benefit from signing up with the Best Travel Property Management company who will take care of the booking and all aspects of your vacation planning.

More about Sherlock Global Holdings and Michael Swenson

Michael Swenson has been a Property Manager since 2016 under the name of Sherlock Global Holdings. When the advent of Timeshares, Vacation Clubs and people making their homes and vacation homes available for rental, he has launched INYO Travel. Everything that was written above about the next generation property management company does cover some of the roles INYO plays.

For in-depth information, contact Michael and find out how he and his company can create the right relationship for you and your property management needs. 

Best Property Management in Orlando