What is in an Eye Surgeon Title

When one goes through school and has proven themselves through the rigorous schooling, application, and licensing processes, then and only then can one give oneself the eye surgeon title. An eye surgeon, quite simply, is defined as a person that operates on human eyes to deal with various maladies such as cataracts or improve vision with procedures such as Lasik eye surgery. An eye surgeon is intimately familiar with the structure and functioning of the human eye.

There are two types of doctors who can choose the same eye surgeon career.  An ophthalmologist is an eye doctor focusing specifically on eye surgery. He or she helps patients with any sort of eye issue, and is one of the two types of doctors who would perform surgery related to cataracts or similar eye conditions. The educational requirements for this type of doctor includes obtaining a four year bachelor’s degree, then pursing four more years of education at medical school. From there, the student needs to complete a year’s internship, and then take three more years of specialized training with the eye, its function and structure, and specifically surgical operations. This type of doctor, which has chosen an eye surgeon career, can provide people with all types of eye services, from routine exams, to surgery, to anything in between for their patients.  

However, another eye doctor who can refers to him or herself with the eye surgeon title is an optometrist. These doctors can similarly look at, diagnose, and treat a patient’s eye issues with medicine or surgery. Like the ophthalmologist, he or she has taken a four year degree, but after that is where it diverges. After obtaining a four year degree, the optometrist-in-training undertakes another four years of professional education. This additional education is accomplished through a college or university of optometry to complete their required educational and training requirements. Some optometrists may go on for one more year to specialize in a distinct medical skill within the optometry profession.

Similar to an ophthalmologist, optometristshave chosen an eye surgeon career. They are skilled at examining and diagnosing the interior and exterior of the human eye to see if there are structural or growth issues, such as glaucoma or cataracts. Optometrists are trained to diagnose and help patients with vision issues, both with the inability to see near and far. They are licensed by the state and can help people with vision aids such as contact lenses, eyeglass, and other similar items.

Concerning the eye surgeon salary, there are stark differences between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist. On average, an optometrist can make just over $105,000 per year. Any ophthalmologist may make as much as 3 times as much, or almost $298,000. There are many factors that speak for this difference. First, an ophthalmologist has gone through medical school training and a residency, while an optometrist has gone to undergraduate school and then only progressed through one more level of education. Since there is additional training and more experience and capabilities available, which bring in more business, ophthalmologists are able to make nearly three times as much. There are other reasons why the eye surgeon salary is so different and that can be explained through the role each person in the two careers might be in. If an optometrist owns his or her own business and an ophthalmologist works for someone else or a hospital, the two might make equal or the optometrist might make more, simply through passive income. Regardless, the eye surgeon title is often used by both types of careers, even if there is a discrepancy in skill sets.

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