How To Get The Cheapest Motorcycle Insurance Deals Out There

There isn't a feeling in the world to compare with flat-out racing along the highway (especially a two lane country road) on your cycle and nothing deflates that feeling faster than knowing that you need motorcycle insurance. Let the wind zip through your hair and a while longer, while we explain to you some ways to cut your motorcycle insurance rates to the bone. 

Be aware that you've already got a dandy money-saver in that cycle of yours, which gets about double the gas advantage at half the gas price.  And saving a few more bucks with any of these suggestions is just icing on the road-driven cake. 

While you're relaxing into that ride, let us ask you five questions. 

  1.  How much of your motorcycle do you want to insure?   That might sound ridiculous to you, and if anyone asked it, you'd reply, All of it, man!  But consider this: there are usually additional fees added to your motorcycle insurance quote for attached baggage racks, backpack cages or conveyance kits.  Keep the cycle clean and free of such carrier gadgetry (unless of course you're going to work as a package delivery boy, in which case you better keep them).   Only the cycle, man, only the cycle gets insured.
  2. This great ride you're enjoying right now how often do you plan to take it?  Is this a Sunday only spectacular to dispel the cares of the week, or are you and your cycle going to be working buddies as you take it to your place of employment?  The rule of thumb is, the longer you are on the road per week, the more your insurance rate will be.  If you tell your agent youre going to be a little old biker who will only drive his rig to church on Sundays, he might be inclined to have a big laugh over that and then lower your rate, if you can prove (via mileage) thats the truth.
  3. Third, what is the zip code of your domicile?  Yes, you heard us right, we want the zip code.  That little five digit number tells the insurance agency where you live, but it also tells them how much crime (particularly motorcycle theft) goes on where you live, and agents are inclined to give lower rates to people who can prove their cycle won't be stolen and stolen again.  So, if you can demonstrate that you put it in the garage, lock it up, chain it away or similarly protect it during the times when its vulnerable to theft, youre liable to get a discount as well.
  4. Here's the one you probably expected tell us your driving record.  The very best rates go to the very best drivers, and the motorcycle owner whose record is free of accidents or tickets is en route to some pretty decent insurance savings. 
  5. Finally, anybody else driving that baby?   Insurance companies give some deep pockets to people who maintain and care for their choppers exclusively. 

That's all we wanted say about motorcycle insurance, so get back to that super ride. 

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