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Among non-profits, there is a wide variety of types and purposes. There are some essential answers you need to know to find the best nonprofit. So here at, we created a short list of questions and information to assist you. Here are a few: "As a nonprofit, what is the primary focus?" "How long have you been in business in the area?" "Do you have a list of referrals that can be contacted?" "What kind of activities or programs do you offer?"

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What is a Non-Profit?

Without going into all the legal speak, a nonprofit in its simplest term is a tax-exempt organization that benefits the broad public interest.

However, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) defines more than 25 categories of organizations that are exempt from federal income taxes. The most common nonprofit is classified as a 501(c)(3), which includes public charities or private foundations. The majority of Independent Sector members are 501(c)(3) organizations.

These organizations include large national organizations such as the American Red Cross, as well as your local soup kitchen, community hospital, and places of worship.

About New Jersey NonProfits

The website reports the following about nonprofits in New Jersey:

                            Number of New Jersey Nonprofit Organizations

                            All nonprofit organizations: 38,825

                            501(c)(3) Public Charities (includes some religious organizations): 25,925

                            501(c)(3) Private and Public Foundations: 3,347

                            Other 501(c) Nonprofit Organizations*: 9,553

                            * includes civic leagues, chamber of commerce, veterans organizations, etc

                            Economic Impact of the New Jersey Nonprofit Sector

                            Employs 304,600 – almost 10% of the state’s workforce

                            Generates more than $55.2 billion in annual revenues

                            Holds assets of $125.9 billion

                            New Jersey foundations annually give over $3.4 billion

                            New Jerseyans give $5.6 billion to charity each year, representing 2.12 percent of household income

                            Public Charities and Foundations Benefit New Jersey Communities

                            Deliver vital community services

                            Goodwill Industries of Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia joins its nationwide partners in helping more than 29 million people develop job skills and secure employment. Since 1997, the New Jersey branch has run a successful School-to-Work program, which makes adult employment a possibility for these individuals after they graduate from Camden high schools.

                            Give voice to the people they serve

                            The KPMG Foundation, headquartered in Montvale, partners with Junior Achievement to help teach personal financial concepts to students early in their academic life. More than one million students across the country have gone through the 13-lesson hands-on curriculum.

                            Contribute to vibrant communities

                            According to Americans for the Arts’ affiliate Art Pride New Jersey, the state’s diverse network of non-profit arts organizations supports over 77,000 jobs and generates over $1.2 billion in economic activity each year.

                            Advance solutions for challenges facing society

                            The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation recently announced an additional $500 million – for a total of $1 billion since 2007 – to ensure that all children have access to healthier foods and opportunities to be physically active. This focus on reversing the childhood obesity epidemic seeks to address the higher obesity rates among children of color and children living in poverty.

                            More About This is That, Inc.

                            What nonprofit focus does This is That, Inc have?

                            This is That, Inc. is focused on people and promotes helping people in their local community find refuge and resources. Built around the philosophy that people should help the broken, down and out, the struggling - they provide opportunities for people to volunteer in assistance as well as serving as an educational resource for life insurance, burial plans, employment, veterans assistance and more. Reach out to contact the team.

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