Find the Best LifeVantage Representative in Vancouver BC Canada Improved Health and Wellness


Is finding the Best LifeVantage Independent Representative in Vancouver, BC, Canada your goal? Are you looking to have more energy?  An improved mood?  And have fewer effects of fatigue, mental fog, and general stress?  Why not use the best products to do so, with quality and name behind them and have continued access to them?  Why not help fulfill a legacy, nothing short of helping a million child’s lives, impacting them positively and doing so also for future generations?  

Here is our choice -

SmartGuy 2019 Best LifeVantage Representative – in Vancouver, BC, Canada is:

Tracy Shudo
Vancouver BC Canada V5R3H6
(888) 920-0784 ext 225

Selecting the Best in Health and Wellness

Consider the following when choosing items for health and wellness.  

What has proven performance?  

What will have lasting positive effects? 

Are there studies or science behind the results? 

Are they clear to understand? 

Do they make sense?  

Why not contemplate using products that studies advocate? 


The science base these studies on the science of bio-hacking. 

It is not just self-help tips.  It is cutting edge technology, tools, and science to better you by your biology.  It’s about finding what works uniquely for you (out of the proven scientific results) in terms of sleep, brain aids, nutrition, environment, and fitness.  

Studies on LifeVantage products suggest:

  • heightened physical and mental energy, 
  • improved mood, and acuity; 
  • endurance, 
  • concentration and memory retention. 

There’s less of a feeling or sense of overall fatigue, brain fog, and stress. 


And there’s the business part, too, to help others feel as good as you.  

Like a job with your own schedule, managing your own tasks and being able to add some income?  

The products speak for themselves; they don’t just pass through as a supplement may do. They interact with your cells, making mitochondria.

See what LifeVantage drinks and hair and skin products promise.  

You’ll be glad for the opportunity to take them and to get involved in the business aspect as well. 

The Promise

Embrace the goal of an abundant world where physical and financial health is optimized. A world where wellbeing matters with cutting edge research of nutrigenomics with a leveraged plan to build your own legacy. 

The Plans

There are many tiered plans to optimize performance to sell the product as part of your own business. Not letting product just sit on the shelves, but allowing the entrepreneur in you to thrive and provide personal mentors, and support groups. 

The Commitment

Let’s not forget the important legacy.  From their own backyards to a world away, LifeVantage is committed to touching the lives of one million children through programs and initiatives, making a lasting impact on future generations.  

More about Tracy Shudo and  LifeVantage in Vancouver 

Vancouver is a bustling west coast seaport with mountains and thriving art, theater, and music scenes. Its ethnic diversity is depicted by a growing regenerating nature, which visually captures as it is a popular filming location. 

An area as ‘with it’ as Vancouver would make sense to be the home of a health and wellness hub that has the best products with a name behind them evoking the quality they derive from. 

LifeVantage has just that with Tracy Shudo there to help. LifeVantage’s line includes Nutritionals and products for beauty, fitness, and pets.  There is also a ‘stack,’ to make sure you can get an assortment of the above. Tracy can assist.  She’s interested in people experiencing the best health and wellness they can.  

Having done this herself, she wants to be there for you and help you build your personalized plan – to achieve your goals.   

Best LifeVantage Independent Representative in Vancouver