Nail Salons Lessons For Starting Your Own

There are nail salons in every town.  Starting your own takes a significant initial investment in both money and time.  To really become successful, you need to make your salon the nail salon in your town.  This takes marketing and talent.  Having the best nail salon equipment and supplies will make a good initial impression on your customers.  But, customers dont go to the salon to admire the new nail salon equipment.  They go to get their nails done.  While nail salon equipment packages will make it easier for you to get the tools you need, you most important asset will be your employees.

Dont think that you can go it alone.  All great nail salons have great nail techs who work there.  It is the techs, not the nail salon equipment, that make the nail salon.  Your help will be primarily responsible for building your salons reputation, so choose carefully. Start with as many experienced techs as you can get to come on board.  Once the nail salon is established, then you can look to hire new techs straight out of school.

The equipment, however, is indeed necessary.  Your choices regarding nail salon equipment and supplies will actually help you to find good help more than they will help you to find customers.  For nail salons of 1000 square feet, start-up costs for nail salon equipment and supplies will run between $75,000 and $125,000.  To save money on nail salon equipment, some salon owners use nail salon equipment packages.  Many of these packages are made in and shipped from Chine, although there are several reputable manufacturers in the United States as well.  These nail salon equipment packages are a great way to ensure that all of your equipment not only works well together, but looks good together as well. 

Here are some additional tips from people who have successfully opened the nail salon of their dreams:

1. Stick to a budget This might mean starting with used nail salon equipment.  Keep a cash reserve for unforeseen expenses.  Sticking to your budget during your initial year of operation should allow you to invest profits in newer equipment to build your business.
2. Track all of your marketing If you cant tell how a marketing strategy is going to help grow your business, dont do it.  Ever.
3. Hire slowly, and fire FAST Dont let problem employees fester.  Take time during the hiring process to select the right candidates, and set clear expectations.  Do not settle for less than you expect.
4. Schedule time for business You are going to have tasks to do other than doing nails.  Make sure you set aside time every week to finish tasks like ordering more nail salon equipment and supplies, local marketing, and paying bills.
5. Schedule time for yourself Allow yourself time off, and stick to it.  Dont let others manipulate your personal time. You will need the regular downtime to attend to personal issues and stay connected with family and friends.

Nail salons can be profitable businesses when run correctly.  Unfortunately, most small businesses fail within the first year.  If you make a plan and stick to it, then your chances of success improve significantly.  Hiring the right people is vital.  Keeping your initial investment as low as possible will allow you the cash to grow later.  You can keep the costs lower by using nail salon equipment packages to get started.  Remember, you will be paying rent for months before you even open as you design the space, order equipment, and hire talent.  If you dont account for those initial rent payments, you will have trouble getting your business off the ground.

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