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Looking for the Best Home security in Virginia Beach VA USA in 2019? Are you looking to protect your family and home while you travel or work away from home? How do you select the best home security provider in Virginia Beach when there are so many offering the same service? We are here to help you. 

After careful consideration, we have selected the following provider.

SmartGuy® Best Home Security in Virginia Beach, VA in 2019. 

Alarms Across America
Jason Hand
Virginia Beach, VA 23320
(757) 575-8799

What is a Home security system?

Your home security system comes in many forms. It is an electronic security guard ever watching over your home and property. It can be devices that are wired, wireless, and have surveillance cameras or no camera. There are many kinds of systems to consider.

ADT Security specializes in protecting your home accumulating years of experience in the home security business, and now offering their new Touchscreen Technology; which is connected to their security monitory centers for backup.

Why buy a home security system?

Detecting unauthorized entry or intrusion into your home or your property is the initial design of a security alarm system. 

Individuals who buy security systems for their home find it essential to want their family and home safe and out of harm’s way. Whether you travel or work away from home, you are confident they are secure and protected from the increasing crime rate. 

Unfortunately, many people underestimate, ignore, or overlook the need for taking appropriate measures to protect and secure their home and property. Emotional and financial consequences are the results of burglary and theft. Physical injury can also be a result of unauthorized entry into your home.

How does it work?

There are several ways to secure your home and property.

Traditional Monitoring: 

  • Includes one command panel, two door/window sensors and one motion sensor
  • Burglary detection
  • 24/7 monitoring by US-based professionals
  • 1-yard sign and two window stickers
  • 6-month, money back guarantee
  • Add more door/window sensors if you need them

Control System Monitoring:

  • Includes everything in the Traditional package + ADT mobile app for remote system control and home automation
  • Integration with smart home systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • Customizable alerts, schedules, and automation

Video Monitoring:

  • Includes everything in the Control package + remote, secure video and video storage
  • View live video and clips of triggered events from nearly anywhere
  • Add up to 16 cameras

More about Jason Hand and Alarms Across America

Jason Hand and Alarms Across America is an authorized ADT Security dealer and service provider of ADT’s Touchscreen Technology. They also offer security at your front door. They install video doorbells. As someone approaches your home, the door sensor sets off the doorbell. The bell alerts you that someone is approaching. You can see and monitor them, but they cannot see you. 

Alarms Across America is an 18-year member of the Virginia BBB with an A+ Rating. They have over 16,000 installations. They have access to 4 ADT Monitoring Centers for Backup security. 

Remember, ADT is #1 in America when it comes to choosing security home alarm systems. Contact Jason and ask him about ADT Security Protection service right for you. As ADT says, they offer more than just a security system; they offer you a sense of security.

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