Tanning Salons Find the Best Indoor Tans

Most people will try to do anything to get that golden glow that comes with taking a vacation to a tropical location. However, we all know that vacationing every other month is a pipe dream for most people. So, what is the second best option? Over the years, tanning salons have become an increasingly popular choice for people that would like to get rid of pale skin. However, not many know the best ways to make the most of this establishment. Here are some of the things that can come in handy in ensuring you are making the most out of your visit to the indoor tanning salon.

  • Choose the right indoor tanning salon. One thing that most people do not realize is that UV tanning can actually be beneficial if done moderately. However, the first thing to do would be to ensure that you are working with professionals. When selecting an indoor tanning salon, enquire about the training of the attendants. Speak to them individually so that you can have a clearer idea of how well they are conversant with the work they do. Another thing would be to pay attention to the environment. A good salon will be clean, be equipped with modern tools and generally have a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Be familiar with your skin type. To make the most of indoor tanning, you need to know the type of skin you have. The melanin contained in your specific skin as well as your personal goals will go a long way in determining the type of program that will be best suited to you as well as what tanning lotions will work best with your skin. For example, people that have type-2 skin will need to have their melanin levels increased for them to achieve a deep tan. On the other hand, people with type-3 and type-4 skin will only need to slightly darken the melanin that is already contained in their skin.
  • Establish your tanning goals. Good tanning salons will work out a plan with you depending on what goals you have set for yourself. Some people may want to get the deepest tan they can whereas others are simply looking for a combination of a tan while receiving vitamin D. By establishing your goals, the trained staff can then come up with the best way forward of you achieving them.
  • Decide on the type of UV rays you would prefer. One of the things that you will notice about good tanning salons is that they will give you an option on the type of UV rays that you would be most comfortable with. So what are the different types of UV rays? The first are the UVA rays. These are emitted from high-pressure lamps. These rays work towards oxidizing the current melanin in your skin. They will not help in increasing the amount of melanin in your skin and will not help in the synthesis of vitamin D. The second type of rays is the UVB rays. These are emitted from low-pressure lamps and work towards increasing the levels of melanin in your skin. By consulting with the attendants, you can be advised accordingly on what would be best suited to you depending on your needs and tanning goals.
  • Invest in tanning lotions. One thing most people do not realize is that when tanning indoors one will need to have lotion designed specifically for that. A common mistake people make is assuming the lotion they use while out in the sun will also be appropriate for indoor tanning beds.

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