Best Sliders in Los Angeles CA Where to go

So you’re looking for the best slyders in Los Angeles CA 2018? Well before we tell you our pick, let’s spend a few minutes understand what a Slider is.  

Whether you spell them “Sliders” or “Slyders”, they were originally defined as “an American term for a steam-grilled sandwich, typically around 2 in (5.1 cm) across, made with a bun. The term primarily refers to small hamburgers, and is frequently used incorrectly to describe any small sandwich made with a slider roll. The term was originally used to describe the onion-steamed small burgers at White Castle restaurants. But just as everything else, times have changed, and so have the sliders!

The fact is, sliders are much more than just mini-burgers. They’re a unique food product that deserves recognition on their own. As opposed to hamburgers, which are made by simply cooking a burger patty on a grill and then placing it onto a bun, sliders start with a well-oiled griddle and a ball of meat.  This ball of meat is then smashed onto the griddle, often accompanied by a small handful of onions, which fry into the meat as it cooks. The meat is then flipped after it is seared. Then, while it’s still on the griddle, the toppings, including the top bun, are added and allowed to steam together.

On a side note, there are many guesses as to how the name originated; however, our personal favorite have had them is that they “slide” down easy as you’re eating a few! Although a more popular one is that they slide across the griddle before the toppings are added to make more room for new patties. 

Now for the best sliders in Los Angeles 2018 selected By SmartGuy…

Our pick is The Original Slyder House in Glendale California, located at 4000 San Fernando Rd, near the intersection of San Fernando Rd and W Los Feliz Rd.

While only about 6 months old, The original Slyder house in Glendale is quickly becoming a hot spot for foodies looking for the best of the best. Owned by successful restauranteur Pete Gallanis (Owner of several popular restaurants, including Cameron’s Seafood in Pasadena, CA - one of the top seafood restaurants in for over 30 years). 

The atmosphere consists of a fabulous clean modern interior, with lots of stainless steel. With ample seating, people are always greeted by the friendly staff and a easy to read colorful menu above the main counter displaying all of sliders available.

Most people order the slyder combo with tater tots (yes tater tots - can you believe it?) Although if you prefer, they have skinny fries also, with cheese if you want). Now, after the combo, most of the smaller eaters are content without feeling like they just ate way too much. But I wanted to try everything so I went at it! Keep in mind, they are sliders and are smaller than regular burgers but the quality is there.  Even if you ordered a second slider, it's probably still cheaper than 5 Guys, Mooyah or Smashburger.

So what do they have?

  • The Original Slyder
    The original Slyder with meat, cheese, pickles, onions, dressing and a tasty bun
  • The Double Original Slyder
    Not just one, but two of their fresh meat patties, double the cheese, special sauce, onions and pickles and the tasty bun
  • Pastrami Meat and Cheese Slyder
    Our House Slyder, with plenty of pastrami added. Served with mustard and pickles, and the bun
  • Pulled Pork Slyder
    Delicious Pulled pork that is smoked, then they pull it apart, grilled it, and serve it with spicy coleslaw, and pickles, the bun
  • Tri Tip Slyder
    OUR FAVORITE - Not just any tri-tip, this meat is smoked for 10-12 hours, then sliced in house and grilled to perfection. Our homemade BBQ sauce, the bun
  • Veggie Slyder
    For the vegetarians, a grilled garden burger, served with pickles, coleslaw, and Italian spicy dressing(just a touch), the bun
  • Crunchy Chicken Slyder
    Nice size piece of Fried Chicken Slyder, special sauce, pickles onions, cheese, the bun. 

As well as the following which are popular choices for the breakfast eaters that want a Slider in the morning

  • Breakfast Slyder
    Made with two freshly made mini waffles, plenty of egg, cheese, sausage, bacon, served with maple syrup
  • Breakfast Burrito
    VERY  POPULAR!  The BIG burrito, 4 eggs (seemed like more), 3 slices of bacon, 3 sausage links, hash browns, Soy Chorizo, 3 slices of American cheese
  • Bacon n Egg Slyder
    Tasty smoked applewood bacon, fried egg, House Bun
  • Sausage Egg n Cheese Slyder
    Complete with sausage Patty, Fried Egg, Cheese, House Bun
  • Sausage Bacon Egg Slyder
  • Fried Egg, Applewood Smoked Bacon, Sausage Patty, House Bun
  • Egg n Cheese Slyder
    Double Cheese, Fried Egg, House Bun
  • The Breakfast Pancake Slyder
    Fresh Pancakes, Fried Egg, Cheese, Sausage Patty, Smoked Applewood Bacon, House Bun
  • The Ham N Cheese Slyder
    Sliced Ham, and Pepper Jack Cheese, House Bun

While most people eat there, you can also have them delivered by a number of local food delivery companies. In fact, they also do catering. I know this because when I was there, they were preparing an order of 250 sliders for a company luncheon, all while managing the ongoing customer orders of lunch - very impressive!

But I am a foodie. As such, I was interested in the quality and taste - and THAT is why it made our list of the Best Slider in Los Angeles. CA! 

Many of you know, virtually every “fast food” burger restaurant serves you what looks and smells like a bundle of tightly smashed grissle of fat, with seasoning fresh out of the microwave. YUCK! Not here, each Slider is made to order and the moment you bite into it, you realize they use high quality fresh meats! That was the first thing I noticed. But then, the flavor took over!

Me and the other two SmartGuy staff ate about half of EVERY one they had Thanks to our bosses for footing the bill!). We even tried a brand new Chicken Waffle slider they were introducing (can you believe they even make their own waffles from scratch?) it’s true and it was awesome!

I think I will leave it with this point. We all agree, while they were all very good, their Tri-Tip slider was the best! They smoke the tri-tip for 12 hours! I mean, who does that? No other slider or even hamburger restaurant I know! 

So if you're looking for the best sliders or the best slyders in Los Angeles, be sure to stop by The Original Slider House in Glendale.  You will definitely return many more times!

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