Best Alternatives to Roses on Valentine Day

Most people believe that roses are a girl's best friend. It has become a norm to receive roses on Valentine's Day ever since the 1700s. These flowers are the most commonly used to express love on this special occasion. However, you can express your love to your partner using other alternatives of beautiful flowers on this special occasion. There are many other variations which can be the best alternatives to roses on Valentines Day.

To start with the most common alternative to a rose is  a tulip. Tulips are special flowers which blossom during the spring and they are used to signify deep affection. This brilliant flower comes in various color varieties and you can select any that is appealing to you. Tulips are used to show great passion.

Have you ever heard of the rainbow flower? This is a beautiful type of flower commonly referred to as the iris, and it can be used as an alternative to roses on Valentine's Day. This flower has leaves which resemble a sword and it comes with a variety of colors as well. If you decide to give someone irises, make sure you get your colors right. Ensure that they blend well with other valentine's flowers should you decide to mix them up. There are many shades of lilies, they include deep blue, burgundy, white, yellow and peach.

You can also get daises to express your love on Valentine's Day. These kinds of flowers are usually very long and bright and  look lovely in a long vase. They also come in different colors, each color bearing a different meaning. For instance, you should only give red, pink or white lilies if you are trying to express your love and passion for the recipient. However, stick to the orange or yellow daisies if you are expressing friendship.

The best alternatives to roses on Valentine';s Day can be the lilies. Lilies are a favorite among young couples. They look adorable when they are combined with other variations of flowers. You can get your florist to make the perfect mix and match that includes lilies to give your loved one on Valentine's Day. Lilies come in different colors, each signifying a different feeling. For instance, the orange lilies are used to symbolize pride and prosperity whereas the white ones evoke the feeling of purity.

If you are looking for a wow factor, then you can also consider orchids, hydrangeas and dahlias. Hydrangeas have a round like shape that resembles a cotton ball and they look lovely especially if you decide to mix them with other variety of flowers. They come in different shades as well and your florist can help you get the proper mix.</P> <P>As you are considering getting the ideal flowers for Valentine's Day, it is also important to think about how they are going to be packaged. Today, there are so many creative methods of packaging flowers which add on a special appeal. Flowers can be placed in artsy containers to add on to their beauty.

You should also be very watchful of the environment you choose to place your flowers. For instance, do not place them close to an air conditioning unit or a heater to enhance longevity. Most importantly, do not select too many types of flowers and very distinct colors. Look for something simple that is  carefully thought out if you want to end up with an adorable bouquet. Should you decide that you need the best alternatives to roses on Valentine's Day, you should get in touch with a proper florist to help you make an informed decision.

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