How Much Do You Spend On Wedding Flowers

You're ready for the big event, the most romantic day of your life, and the question of wedding flowers comes up.  How much do you spend on them? The answer is, of course, as much as you want to, but there are several ways for brides and their wedding planners to bring the prices down. 

A consultation with a florist is always a good idea, since preliminary consultations are free if youre just determining prices.  The wedding flower ideas the florists offer can also be highly imaginative and limitlessly exciting, and could point your wedding in a whole new direction. 

Besides that, if you do a little research, you might find out some surprising facts about cheap wedding flowers costs.

Some typical price ranges

Wedding flowers can be much less than the catering or music bill.  The prices, if you check florists online, can range from a fifty dollar bouquet for the bride (a real throwaway at that price) to a $5,000 spread (rare these days). 

Consider the bridal bouquet, the centerpiece of the action, so to speak.  Even in New York, the average ones range from $75 to $150; a nice circular set of themed flowers might run you a hundred bucks.  Or they can cascade from your hands, at about twice that price.  Add fifty bucks to make them all roses. 

Some Nontraditional Flowers

Speaking of roses, some weddings have looked pretty spectacular going the non-traditional route with colored daisies, lilies, lilacs and gladiolas.  For a wedding party with colored daisies, the package price for one Los Angeles florist was $450 for all the flowers: bouquet, bridesmaids and centerpieces. 

If you love to go green, you can get simple hand-held bouquets with natural spring flowers for no more than $40; the whole wedding party could run you around $300 (thus saving you a lot of green).  Like carnations?  They can run $30 to $50 for the bouquet, about $300 for the party. 

Romantic Sweep and Grandeur on a Budget

If you want a romantic look, try lilies, especially callas (the queen of the wedding party), which cost no more than roses (a bouquet in season runs around $130).  If you like the permanent look of the callas, and want a souvenir for you and your guests, you could have the flowers made in silk arrangements (bouquets run around $150, the whole party about $600). 

The Aloha / Tulip Look

Or you could get really exotic and have orchid bouquets, always a distinctive and colorful wedding look (and a luau might go over better than a reception dinner anyway).  Orchid bouquets in particular have a great cascading effect,and they run around $100 for a bouquet, maybe $500 for the entire wedding party. 

Want flowers that are both spectacular and really inexpensive?  Try tulips, which are simple, elegant and about $25 a bouquet, maybe $300 for the whole shebang.  Leave it to the Dutch. 

Those are some ideas and typical prices, which hopefully will mean that the wedding flowers are your best value on your special day.

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