How To Find The Best Drain Cleaning Service

How to find the best drain cleaning service never enters the mind of a typical homeowner until they have an emergency.  Not knowing what to do, most panicky homeowners will contact a plumber to address the problem.  Unfortunately, these folks usually end up overpaying for the service.  That is because there are companies that specialize in drain cleaning, and their rates are much less than what a plumber charges per hour. 

On occasion, a stopped up drain will require the services of a professional plumber.  This happens in situations where the blockage is being caused by damage to the pipes, or poor construction.  Most of the time, a blocked sewage drain can be cleared by a local drain cleaning service.  Plumbers charge an hourly fee.  These fees can add up if a blockage is particular severe.  A drain cleaning company will charge a flat rate, usually just less than $100, for clearing any drain.  How to find the best drain cleaning service is as simple as searching on line. 

Drains can be clogged by all sorts of materials.  Besides the obvious materials like toilet paper, food debris, and grease, may times the culprit is something like a kids toy.  Whatever the issue, a drain cleaning service will almost always be less expensive than a plumber.  As a specialized service company, they are stocked with the best tools and equipment for dealing with clogged drains.  Plumbers dont always have the same kind of equipment at their disposal, which can result in the job taking much more time, and costing much more money. 

Rates for unclogging drains and pipes vary across the country.  The best estimate range from $90 to over $300, depending on the severity of the blockage.  Drain cleaning company rates can start as low as $85, no matter how long the job tales to complete.  Plumbers can charge as much as $135 for an hour with a one hour minimum.  If two plumbers are needed, then the rate doubles to $270.  And if access to a roof vent is required, costs can be even higher.  It is plain to see from these figures that hiring a company that specializes in drain cleaning is much more economical than hiring a plumber. 

It is entirely possible for homeowners to clean drains out on their own.  Basic drain cleaning tools are sold at all home improvement retailers, and are relatively inexpensive.  Drain snakes, also called augers, come in a variety of sizes.  Hand held snakes start as low as $5 and can run up to $50.  Electric snakes like the plumbers and drain cleaners use start at $100 and run upwards of $500.  Plumbing wrenches, which might be needed to take apart a pipe to clear the blockage, cost between $30 to $100.  These are worthwhile investment for any homeowner.  They wont be used too often, so the chance is slim that they will ever wear out if stored properly.  And, the cost will be recuperated every time you do not need to call a professional to service your drains. 

How to find a drain cleaning service is not a problem for the well-prepared homeowner.  However, for people who do not own the necessary tools, help is often required.  Search on line for companies in your area, then check with the Better Business Bureau for any recent complaints lodged against the company.  Some websites also post reviews of local service companies, and these reviews can be a valuable source of information.  Unclogging a drain or pipe is not always as easy as using a plunger.  When foreign materials are causing a blockage, you might need to call a drain cleaning specialist.

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