Finding The Best Drain Pipe

Finding the best drain pipe for your home partly depends on local regulations.  It also depends on how much water you need to use.  Some people unfortunately have the problem of a neighbor whose yard is significantly higher than their own.  This can cause standing water to accumulate in their yard.  This can cause flooding, damage the lawn, and provide a breeding ground for insects like mosquitoes.  If water from your neighbors yard is flooding your own, then you need to install a yard drainage system. 

For yard drainage, the best drain pipe French drain materials can be purchased at your local hardware store.  A French drain can be a trench covered with gravel, or a perforated pipe installed underground, both of which are designed to capture water and move it away.  They are a common method of preventing surface water from accumulating in areas where the water can cause damage to building foundations.  If you are experiencing a moderate to severe problem with water in your yard, the best drain pipe French drain is probably the answer. 

Other drain pipe materials can be effective as well.  The best drain pipe materials are often made from PVC.  Large PVC pipes are easy to install, and do not rust.  They can become brittle if exposed to hours of bright sunlight.  However, for yard drainage purposes, the pipes will likely be installed underground where they will be protected from sunlight. 

Another one of the best drain pipe materials is ABS pipe.  This material has been used for decades as a waste pipe material.  It is as easy to install and maintain as PVC.  When using this pipe as yard drainage, you will need to install a series of yard drains where the water can flow into the pipe, then out of the yard.  It is preferable to guide the water in to a municipal sewer system, either directly or indirectly. Doing this often requires a permit from the local water authority. 

If you are having trouble finding the best drain pipe to solve your drainage problem, you should consider going to a home improvement show.  Most cities host some kind of home improvement shoe, or home and patio shoe, at least once a year.  They are a great way for local businesses to find prospects, and for local citizens to meet merchants and service providers. 

Although some people try to construct their own French drains, it is usually best to hire a professional to do the work.  Grading the drain correctly is best done by a surveyor.  Digging the trench usually requires the use of a backhoe.  These machines can be rented, but unless you know what you are doing you can do more harm than good.  Installing a French drain is a difficult project and not recommended for novices.   

Finding the best drain pipe can also be done with help from your local home improvement store.  They have a large selection of piping materials as well as the tools and equipment to install them.  They also carry a number of self-help guides for many projects around the home.  Help can also be found on line, courtesy of several websites dedicated to helping do-it-yourselfers with their home improvement projects.  Dont forget to check with local authorities concerning permits.  According to federal law, water entering storm drains must be free of certain contaminants.  It is always best to apply for the permit first before taking any other step.  You do not want to invest in equipment and materials just to find out that the project needs to be postponed or cancelled due to local regulatory concerns.

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