7 Ways to Connect and Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Looking for ways to connect and get noticed on LinkedIn? You should. After all, LinkedIn is a major social networking site designed specifically for the business community. The goal of the site is to help allow registered members to establish and document networks of people they know and trust professionally. But if you think spending hours and hours typing feverishly on your keyboard in hopes of generating new clients is the key, stop! Spamming messages to those you know is a waste of time!

There are proper ways to connect and get noticed on LinkedIn, but spamming is not one. Instead spend some time to properly complete your LinkedIn profile and connect with others in a professionally way. After all, they are not meeting you personally. Their entire impression of you will be based first on your profile and then the things you say. Not just what you say to them, but comments you have made to others as LinkedIn tacks messages.

So let's begin with a few things:

Fill in a complete profile

The most obvious but also most overlooked tip. In order for your profile to work its magic on LinkedIn, it needs to be complete. That means, don’t leave any section incomplete or you will be missing out on good opportunities. A complete profile starts with a strong introduction. It includes a list of your specialties with the right keywords. Don’t forget to make a list of the jobs you have done, institutions you have attended, and associations you are a part of. A complete profile is the surest way to high visibility!

Endorse connections but smartly

Do you know person A as LinkedIn suggests you do? A few clicks and they are now one of your connections. Now, you know them to be an expert in fiscal year budgeting and internal auditing because you two have worked together. However, you have no clue if they are good for the other skills they have added to their profile. It is completely okay for you to endorse them for something you have seen them display an expertise for. The other skills and specialties? Don’t endorse them because it is akin to vouching for you know they can do it. It might never come up, but don’t take a chance because it could hurt your credibility in the eyes of the recruiters.

Send personalized connection requests

When LinkedIn suggests people that you might know, don’t send them the generic request. Instead, change the message that goes with the request to connect before clicking on the blue outlined "connect" button. View their profile and write down a personal note to include with your connection request. If you already know them, you can add something about why you are reaching out to them. You might not yet know them, but are adding them because they work in a similar role as you do. Then let them know you’d like to connect to hear their perspective about the job etc.

While there is many more things you can so, these are a few ways to connect and get noticed on LinkedIn. It will also help increase your visibility to hiring managers, but also form genuine connections with others. It is all about getting people’s attention and keeping their interest. So, don’t waste time getting your friends and family endorse you just to up the number on LinkedIn. Instead, follow this advice to complete LinkedIn success!

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