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Looking for Woodbourne, NY Disaster Proof Home? GreenWorld Design Inc strives to excel in the Construction business by designing a disaster proof home that has no utility bill. Our homes are design for any climate. Green world design is an eco-friendly and innovative home designers and builders. Our team uses alternative building panel system, which produces zero emissions and provides greater structural integrity without compromising the aesthetic of the home. Structural components are manufactured using recycled plastic and steel. Our homes are well insulated resulting in heating and cooling systems half the conventional size. The ventilation system is HEPA filter equipped and backed with infrared technology to supply hypoallergenic fresh air. The power and hot water is supplied by the sun/wind utilizing 0-energy systems; renewable energy systems are utilized in all our designs. All our homes are LEED certified monolithic concrete home. If you are in Woodbourne, NY and are looking for Disaster Proof Home, please call 845-702-7953.

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