Personal Chef Service Can Save Time And Money

Are you an individual who has a busy schedule, but still wants to offer your family the meals they deserve? A Personal Chef Service is the answer to offering a healthy, remarkable tasting, easy to afford meals within the coziness of your own home without the worries of cooking or shopping. What are the services of a Personal Chef? The service of a Personal Chef entails heavenly meals, but the Personal Chef Service will also include:

  • Exceptional food adapted to your taste and fixed in your kitchen.
  • Save ten hours a week that you could use to do other things
  • Enjoy a delightful Family Oriented meal
  • Save money on healthier food

The services of a Personal Chef presents hours of free time. This is the time you would ordinarily spend planning for meals, running errands to the grocery store, lugging home the bags of groceries then unpacking them.

After all that, you would have to spend the time in preparing the food, cooking the food and cleaning up after the meal.  A personal chef's job is to do all these things for you.

Another personal chef's job may require them to manage special events whether it is a birthday party or a dinner party. It is extremely essential for the personal Chef to not only present the meals well, but to also clean up afterwards. They must leave the employer's kitchen in such a way to meet the high standards of hygiene and health.

What does a Personal Chef's make in a year?
The Personal Chef's Salary varies greatly from one employer to the next. There are many things that can influence the amount of the Personal Chef's Salary such as the arrangement the chef has with the client or how many people they are servicing.  Some Chef's charge a rate of $20 or more per person for a meal, while others may charge a little less. On the average, the rate of the Personal Chef's Salary is $30,000 to $40,000 a year. This can reach higher amounts depending on the requirements of the client and how many clients the Chef works for in a year. A Personal Chef is not just for the Rich and Famous, it is for anyone who is to busy or unable to cook a delicious healthy meal for their families. Many personal Chefs, spend anywhere from a couple of days to a week preparing meals which is stored in the freezer. When ready their client can simply pull the frozen meal out and pop it in the oven to warm it up. Then serve their family a delicious meal in just minutes.

What is the Cost of a Personal Chef? 
Personal Chef Cost is widely ranged because the cost of food differs based on food preferences and diets, but usually average around $75 to $100 for two week's worth of meals for two individuals or about $150 to $175 for meals for four individuals. The actual Personal Chef Cost may be slightly lower or higher hinging on request and diet requirements. This cost averages out to be less than the price of eating out at a nice restaurant.

Check Them Out Before Hiring
For your safety, make sure the person you hire to work in your home has their license and is insured. Checking with the American Personal Chef Institute & Association to see if the Chef is a certified safe food handler is a good idea. 

American Personal and Private Chef Association (APPCA) is like the Better Business Bureau of the Personal and Private Chef industry. APPCA is the largest trade association of professional personal chefs and private chefs in the USA. American Personal and Private Chef Association has the philosophy to encourage the education and the advancement of the membership in the private and personal chef Service industry, so as to improve the quality of service to the people. The APPCA's philosophy is simple - they promote the education and advancement of their membership in the personal- and private-chef industry, and the progress of the industry altogether.

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