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Andrew Kushnick Psychotherapy best Physical Therapists in San Francisco CA

I offer individual and couples therapy for busy professionals in downtown San Francisco. As a former practicing attorney, I believe that therapy should not only be supportive, but also useful. Rather than just nodding and saying “uh huh,” my goal is to provide practical tools to use in everyday life. I have extensive experience working with adults and adolescents, on challenges such as trauma, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, work/life stress, anger management, relationship problems, workplace communication, family conflict, LGBTQ concerns, and grief and loss. I help clients communicate more effectively, strengthen relationships, and get more of what they want out of life. All of this takes place within an atmosphere of warmth, genuineness, and sometimes even humor.

Let’s make your life easier.
Are you feeling overwhelmed by something stressful? Struggling to stay focused at work? Got stuff on your mind that’s 
making it tough to sleep? Or maybe you’re feeling dissatisfied with the way your relationship is going, things happening at 
work, the state of the world, etc. Perhaps you’d like to get to know yourself better, figure out patterns that have been holding 
you back, or figure out how to reach your personal or professional goals.

These are just some of the issues that bring people to individual therapy in San Francisco CA to Andrew Kushnick Psychotherapy

…Trial attorney-turned-psychotherapist. The legal profession fosters an analytical sense. A sense of thoroughness. An ability to communicate, and to resolve conflict. I’m grateful for this experience. But over time I wondered if I could 
make more of a positive impact by venturing outside of the legal system.

So I dove into the world of mental health, and it’s been completely fascinating. Trainings? Workshops?  Piles of books about this stuff? Yes please!

You’re talking to a serious therapy nerd with a voracious appetite for learning. 

Learning about: 

* Why couples wind up in the same patterns, over and over;
* What we really want in relationships; 
* What causes communication to derail;
* Why we feel angry, so quickly; 
* How to handle difficult people and situations at work;
* How to feel more confident in social situations;
* How overly-critical parenting affects us in later relationships; 
* How parenting that emphasizes achievement (more than anything else) affects us in later relationships;
* How we can heal from upsetting or disturbing things that have happened to us;
* Why we can’t sleep;
* Why our thoughts are racing;
* Why it’s so tough to relax… and what to do about it;
* Why we struggle to get through the day;
* How to figure out what fulfills us, what we’re meant to be doing in life;
* How understanding the brain can help us to connect to those around us.

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