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Welcome to the Fort Worth Business Network of SmartGuy®.

SmartGuy® is the largest exclusive business referral network in the world, now active in over 11,000 cities!

SmartGuy® makes it easy for people to find your business.

The Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex is over 7.5 million people, making it the 7th largest metro area in the USA. The area's economy is ranked 10th largest in the world. Fort Worth is a bee-hive of activity driven by many small to mid-size businesses, as well as some of the largest corporations in the world.

Unlike other directories and networks, which include virtually any business, SmartGuy® accepts only one highly rated business per category, up to 1,500 categories in your city's business listing. SmartGuy® is very unique having many online tools to help get your business name to the top of the search engines quickly. It’s easy to see why you would want your business listed in our exclusive directory so people can easily find you.

Business Professionals – Grow your business using SmartGuy®. When you join SmartGuy®, we publish your own Press Release style 'Custom Article' page and include your business in our Fort Worth 'Referral Directory'. You will get a Free Editable Webpage, a Custom Article written for your business that can put your business on top of search engines, and now on YouTube in as little as 2 weeks (typically less). You get All This and more for only $69.00 per month. No hardware, no software - you are up and running in as little as 2 minutes! Simply add your business by clicking Join SmartGuy® and choose your listing from up to 1,500 categories.

To see 'What We Do and How We Do It' in promoting your business, click on SmartGuy Info. Also, we publish a Monthy Magazine with timely business tips. Just click SmartGuy® Magazine to subscribe.

Consumers - Enjoy the smarter way to search for a local high-quality business from up to 1,500 categories by selecting a member below. Out of town? Search for the best business you want to find in over 11,000 cities of the world. Find a local business by clicking SmartGuy and entering the city name, then go to "CLICK HERE". Members are listed by profession for you to view their phone and website info.

For more information email Rob Kent at:, or call me at (206) 245-4368. No answer, please call (866) 5-SMARTGUY / (866) 576-2784


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