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If you are in Northern Illinois or Southern Wisconsin and are looking for a way to improve your living space, New Leaf Remodelingis the perfect place to call. Home renovations are a daunting task, but the best remodelers handle all of the worry and work, so you can sit back and watch your dreams become a reality!\n\nNew Leaf Remodeling works with customers individually. They always begin each remodeling project with a personal consultation in their design studio, conveniently located near the Perryville exit off of the Tollway in Rockford, Illinois. This initial consultation helps to define the scope of your project, your working budget, and the timeline for your remodeling project. At the same time, you can choose from a wide variety of materials for countertops, cabinets, doors, exterior siding, paint, flooring, and more.\n\nYour home will get a single project manager who visits your home to take precise measurements, drawings and photos on site, and talk to you to understand what style will work best for your tastes. If necessary, New Leaf Remodeling can provide drawings, 3D cad designs, and material samples to plan your remodeling project with greatest precision. New Leaf Remodeling will also procure any necessary building permits before starting your project.\n\nOnce the renovation process begins, you will work with an on-site expeditor who will be able to answer any questions and give you updates on daily progress. New Leaf Remodeling coordinates designers, builders, and other contractors to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible for you.\n\nNew Leaf Remodeling can help you with more than kitchen or bathroom remodeling. They can also direct a myriad of home restoration or improvement projects, such as finishing a basement, creating outdoor living space, building an addition to your home, and repairing fire or storm damage, New Leaf Remodeling has you covered for any new home project you might need!\n\nEvery home deserves to be loved to its fullest – that’s whyNew Leaf Remodelingwants you to visit them online to see what kind of renovation they can help with you today, or give them a call to speak one of their representatives at(815)-904-6006.\n

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