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Best Mold & Mildew Inspection/Removal/Remediation Beverly Hills CA USA

Mold & Mildew Inspection/Removal/Remediation

The Mold Guy Inc  

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The Mold Guy was founded in 2005 as the result of a simple observation: dealing with mold contamination is overwhelming and scary. Questions like "Will mold make me sick?" and "Do I need to leave my home right now?" fly through your mind the instant you suspect a mold problem. The truth is that the stress and uncertainty that comes along with an indoor air quality contamination is as big of a problem as the contamination itself. This led Mark Levy to create the vision for an indoor air quality company that cares about its clients' health and piece of mind as much as getting the job done right. With nearly a decade of experience, a library of industry certifications, and an extensive knowledge base anchored by a progressive view of continuing education, The Mold Guy is on a mission to help you breathe easy and be healthy.

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9am5pm M F
9190 W Olympic Blvd 206
Beverly Hills CA USA, 902123540
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