Windshield Repair and Replacement - What is the Estimated Cost

Looking for information on Windshield Repair and Replacement? Want to know What is the Estimated Cost to fix your windshield?  Windshield repair and replacement can range anywhere from 40 to 350 dollars.  However, it is important to note that the cost is dependent on the make of your car.  In the past a crack or chip meant that you would have to totally replace your windshield but now repair is an option.  This is a money saver for all.  It is important to note that repair is still limited even though modern technology is top notch.  In some cases it may be temporary and you may still have to replace your windshield in the future. 

The cost of repair or replacement is dependent on the location as well as the size of the windshield and the amount of damage done.  Generally anything less than 3 inches long can usually be repaired.  But if it goes beyond that it could lead to a replacement.  There are specialized shops that are able to fix cracks which are even twelve inches long.  It is therefore important that you shop around before concluding that your windshield cannot be repaired.  It is also important to note where the crack is on the windshield. 

If the crack is at the edge it will spread quite fast.  Therefore, it is important that you quickly get it repaired. This kind of crack will lead to replacement most of the time.  When it comes to windshield repair and replacement you have to check whether the crack or damage interferes with the drivers line of vision. In this case you will go for windshield replacement services.  This is because repairing it may lead to visual distortions in the windshield.  This compromises the vision of the driver and can even lead to an accident.  However, it is advisable to replace the windshield in such cases.

Waiting a long time to make repairs on cracked windshields can cause dirt to enter into the crack which in turn causes the repair to become ineffective.  The cost of repair when it comes to windshields is not too bad.  If it is just one rock chip then the price can be anywhere between forty and fifty dollars.  If there is more than one, then the price given will be for the first one and any others will be charged $10.  Cracks are a bit more expensive than that.  If the crack is more than 3 inches long then special treatment may be necessary.  The cost for such a repair can be about seventy dollars.

If you are looking to replace the whole windshield the cost can be pretty high.  Depending on the make of your car, windshield replacement can be as high as $1,300.  Windshield repair and replacement costs should also factor in the cost of labor and the molding kit.  It is important to note that the price charged by a dealer and an independent glass shop differs with the dealer charging considerably more.  This is because the dealer will be using the windshield from the original manufacturer while the independent glass shop will not.  This means that the dealer will give you a glass exactly like the one your car had before, assuming it had the original manufactures windshield.

Just because the independent glass shop offers cheaper glass does not mean that it is less quality glass.  On the contrary, it offers the same clarity, quality and safety as the other as it is required to pass certain standards before it hits the market.  The repair or replacement of your windshield can be done at a windshield repair shop, automotive glass specialist, at a car dealership, general glass shop or a glass repair service.  In most cases, the repair or replacement will be covered by your insurance provider.

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