Windshield Repair Business - Getting Started Amidst Competition

The windshield repair business can be very competitive.  Getting started and becoming profitable takes endurance and hard work.  But the rewards are well worth it.  Windshield repair businesses can make a lot of money on a small investment, and the skills and techniques required to be successful are easy to learn.

You can start simple and run your business out of your home, or you can go all out and invest in a storefront with a lot of expensive equipment and materials.  If you are starting out low, you will need a vehicle and a windshield repair kit.  These kits include windshield repair resin and all the supplies you need to get started fixing windshields.  Most windshields are repairable as long as the damage is caught early enough.  The windshield repair resin will smooth out the crack or ding, fill it, and stop the damage from getting worse. 

Damaged windshields are dangerous.  When someone has a broken windshield insurance will pay to the windshield repair cost to have the windshield either fixed or replaced.  That makes it easy to make money in this business.  For every broken windshield insurance pays for, you get a happy customer that doesn't receive a bill.  Making money while billing others is part of what makes this business so popular.

Because the windshield repair business is so popular, getting started can be a little more difficult.  There is usually a lot of competition in every market.  To get up and running, it is good to have some commercial contacts in place.  You also need to be prepared to advertise heavily. 

To get the insurance business, you need to meet the local insurance agents in your area.  Introduce yourself, explain your business, and get into a discussion about any problems that the agency might be having with their current windshield repair contacts. If you can identify shortcomings in your competitors service, you will know what you need to do to impress people and build your own clientele.  

Getting a commercial contract can be tough, because most fleets already have a service set up.  However, you must get your name and information out to get noticed.  Eventually, you will find someone who is unhappy with their current service and ready to make a change.

he real reason that this business is so popular is that the profit margin is astounding.  The average windshield repair cost is $50.  The cost of the actual materials to fix the repair is usually about $1 (exclusive of the initial investment in tools), and the average repair only takes about 15 minutes.   With every sale being almost pure profit, it is no wonder that this business is growing so quickly. 

The low cost of this venture does have one drawback.  It is easy to take a $200,000 investment in a business seriously.  To get financing for such a business, you have to be able to present a business plan.  The initial investment in windshield repair is incredibly small and easy to take for granted.  This mistake dooms the majority of these businesses to ultimate failure. 

The windshield repair business is highly competitive.  The opportunity lies in the high turnover.  Many of these businesses fail because the people who start them are too nave or lazy to take them seriously.  This is such an easy business to make money in that anybody can do it out of their own home.  Plan wisely, and take this business seriously, and you will be astounded.  Sure, if you do not succeed you will not have lost a large investment.  But, you will have lost an opportunity to make some serious profits.