What is the difference between a spiritual coach and a life coach

Do you know what is the difference between a spiritual coach and a life coach? Both the spiritual coaching and the life coaching will help you get on with your life in the most effective and meaningful way possible. These coaches will make you motivated to tap into the potential you hold within yourself. However, there is a difference between the way they approach to add meaning in your life and for you to achieve your decided goals. 

Spiritual coaches

Spiritual coaches have a deeper understanding of life. They proceed to coach a person through the undertones of what appears to the eyes. They rely on feelings and intuitions. They motivate their followers to heed their inner voices. There basic goal for them is to help you achieve a more harmonized mental state from where you will be equipped to get what you want out of life. Spiritual coaches tend to work on the spiritual state of their followers by making them more at ease with who they are and more in connectivity with their surroundings. They work on making the followers feel at one with nature. They are more subjective with the idea of success. In their perspective, they are more inclined to idea of success where a person is at one with themselves. They are not anxious as regards the future, they are not regretful with has happened. They are always open to doubts, ideas, questions, and most importantly their inner voice. Now everyone has an internally embedded system that tries to guide them towards the right path. Spiritual coaches work to equip and enhance the capacity of their followers to adhere to that inner voice because most of times we know what is right but we feel incapacitated to do anything about it. 

Life coaches

Now the life coaches have a different approach when it comes to coaching their followers. Their focus is on the material world, on material goals and on what “shows”. Life coaches teach the followers about the ways in which they can achieve their personal and career goals. Life coaches will work on self-development which involves lessons on self-discipline, self-motivation, an accountable behavior, and stuff like having meaningful goals. The approach of life coaches is embedded in the reality, of what appears. So they tend to help the people in their social, professional, personal and emotional life. They will help you get your life on the track which will keep your personal, social, financial, and emotional life in proper order. They will help you to pick a career, to control your emotions, to have sound relationships, to have better finances, and to have a fully lived life. 

The Difference 

The difference between the spiritual coaches and life coaches is that the spiritual coach would help you find the value that life holds and the purpose and meaning of your existence. While the life coach would spring you to action. In other words, spiritual coaches get you inspired and the life coaches get you motivated. 

Lastly, it should be mentioned that in life we need to grasp the idea of reality and what lies beyond it. In this way, there is equal importance of both the life coaches and spiritual coaches as they both add meaning and substance to ones’ life. We both need tangible rewards and the rewards that seem to make us content from within. These later rewards make us more connected with the higher power and we tend to find solace in that. Whereas, the life coaches make our present life, and its offerings like family and friends to be more enjoyable and make us equipped to add meaning to their lives as well.