How to Find the Best Spiritual Coach

Have you heard of a spiritual coach? Any idea how to find the best spiritual coach? For you to get on the journey of spirituality, it is best to first start with a search to find your mentor or a coach. This person would have to be spiritually aware, so he or she can instill the same awareness in you as well. The first thing you should do to find a spiritual coach is to start arguing within yourself as to the substance, purpose, and meaning of your existence. The journey of spiritual path starts out with many questions and then it ends with a submission.

As you start pondering over your life, its meaning and its place in the grand scheme of things, you will begin to attract your tribe. The tribe that is on the same page with or has been on the page where you are and have transcended from there. You will start attracting people that will aid you in your spiritual journey. 

In this journey, you are likely to find numerous people who have transcended their mortal shell and have realized the bigger identity than what their earthly vessel allowed them. Once you find a spiritual coach, you will start to see changes in your life. You will start being more accountable for how the life you made for yourself through the decisions you took and the choices you made. This journey of finding the best spiritual coach is linked with how you have lived your life and what experiences you have had. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to finding the best spiritual coach as it is highly subjective with whom you will connect with on an intellectual and spiritual level. However, there are a few indicators for the ones whose intuition is not developed enough to find their best match for a potential spiritual coach. 

Belief in Higher Power 

The first thing you should be noticing in your potential spiritual coach is that they look to be deeply entrenched in the idea of there being a higher power, a universal consciousness. They seem to believe that there is more to what the eyes can see, what the ears can hear, and what the touch can feel. More importantly, they should be aware of the something else that lurks beyond what seems real. They should believe in the fact that reality is subjective and there exists a room for “absoluteness” which is a concept that is hard to grasp. And that’s where your mind should click as to the authenticity of this coach. 

Level of Intuition

Secondly, you should look for their level of intuition. You should assess whether they seem to be more perspective or more intuitive. Spiritually advanced people tend to not rely on facts and figures. They have an eye that sees beyond what appears. Therefore, look for the signs which give them the power to tap into the potential of their intuition. 

Honesty and Admittance to Vulnerability 

Thirdly, and it is the case with anyone who you are trying to rely on for any sort of journey, and that is his honesty and his inclination to submit to his vulnerability. You should know that you have found the best when they seem to have gone through the same phases that you have gone through. You should look for that level of understanding. A spiritual coach would not belittle your journey; he would give you a sense of connectivity with what he has been through. He will accept his past failures, and he will admit his vulnerabilities in front of you. This is because he knows life is much more than our mistakes and shortcomings. 

Lastly, they do not look to coach you for any material benefit. They do it for the purpose of bringing the same level of enlightenment that they have received with what they were able to achieve. They will revel in your success as you go along the journey with them.  

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