What is an Art Gallery and What do they Display

Have you been to an art gallery? Have you ever wondered what they are or what do they display? Art galleries are a platform where various artists showcase their artwork. Art galleries are either exclusive or public. Exclusive art galleries collect and display art for private gatherings whereas public galleries are open to everyone. Art in all forms is displayed including drawings, photos, figurines, hand looms and installation art. 

Art galleries not only support their artists but also go an extra mile to promote and sell their art work. Collaborations with other galleries, performances, lectures and fair appearances all contribute towards this process.  Art galleries exhibit work by artists commonly known to general public. They play a crucial role in promoting work of young, budding artists or an old famous one who wants to resurface with their work. 

National art galleries play an important role in inciting nationalism as many of them are situated in political buildings, show casing art that demonstrates history and culture both. Art galleries not only display art but several of them stress upon the history and evolution of art through times. They serve as a forum to discuss art, exchange ideas and build community. 

The enormous display of art also serves as a learning platform for those who aspire to become an artist. Art galleries arrange to contest to encourage new budding artists to demonstrate their skill and creativity. 

Some galleries only display contemporary art where as others deal in abstract or landscape paintings. Some are dedicate to a specific or a group of artists. An art gallery holds a monthly exhibition to showcase new art pieces and models and is often accompanied by an art opening. 

Commercial gallery

An art gallery serves to be a small business where art is exhibited and sold. The profits made from the sales are utilized to operate, maintain and run the business. Often times an art gallery follows a theme and displays art belonging to artists who share a specific style, technique, medium or a similar idea. Artists typically receive payments for their work, once the art has been sold, with a deducted percentage for the gallery to keep, for displaying the art. 

This type of gallery is choosy with their artists. They offer to carefully introduce the artist to public, promote shows in quality exhibition spaces, spread knowledge about the artist’s work and handle the artwork/money exchange. 

Co-op Gallery

A co-op gallery usually involves a small group of artists who work together to their showcase their art, promote the gallery and occasionally offer lectures and art classes for the community. They usually charge a membership fee which is used to maintain and run the place. In this kind of art gallery, the artists are invested in running the gallery themselves. 

Rental Gallery 

Rental Galleries usually display art work by self-taught artists. They usually have a specific period of time for which the artist is to display his artwork. The artist has to take care of everything from putting up the artwork to sending out invitations and hosting the reception. 

Vanity Gallery 

Vanity Galleries charge artists a fee to exhibit their work. The fee may include a membership fee, exhibiting space rental fee, hanging fee and other expenses related to marketing. These galleries are usually situated in areas where there is a large inflow of tourists. 

These different kinds of galleries promote art work in different manners, empowering young artists as well as allowing well known ones to conduct private exhibitions. Artists get a chance to learn and teach, conduct workshops, lectures and programs to promote art and talk about its history and evolution. It’s a great way to promote art altogether.