What Do House Painters Do How to Find the Cheapest Painter

Every so often most houses need new paint of coat. Painting your house helps protect it from the natural elements, keeps it looking good, and helps you to just enjoy it more. The thing is, painting a house by yourself can take an extremely long time. Moreover, if you do not live in a rancher, you are going need tall ladders to reach the second or third stories. This is why so many people prefer hiring a professional painter, which has its own challenges. 

Where to Start Looking for a Trustworthy House Painter

Word of Mouth Referrals

Word of mouth has at all times been one of the most amazing forms of marketing available. If someone you know and trust endorses a service or product to you, you are more likely to buy it. That is all there is to it. So when you start to look for a good painter, ask your local friends and family if they have had their house painted of late. If they liked the painter and the quality, find out who it was.

Bear in mind that you will probably have to talk to a lot of people just to get a few referrals. Most people do not have their house painted very common, so you should plan on enquiring neighbors, family, people who work at your office, friends at church, etc. The more people you ask, the better your chances of finding a good painter.

Search Engines

Search engines are the best research tools you have available for use. They help you to quickly find just about any info you want, from local workers to cooking recipes. Just type in “your town” painter into the search box and see what comes up. You are probably going to get a lot of results, with a lot of advertisements as well. This method works very well if you want to interview painters before coming to a conclusion. The downside is that you do not know much about these businesses. Another downside is that you may feel very overwhelmed when you see the long list of businesses to choose from!

Review Websites

Websites, for example, Angie’s List, Yelp and Google Reviews have become very popular the past few years. They are the perfect way to see what other people think about contractors, doctors, and just about any other local service. The best thing about them is that you can effortlessly find the best-rated painter in your area. 

Things You Should Expect from House Painters


A professional pointer should arrive on time, not take long lunch breaks, and close up the shop before it gets too late at night. This helps them complete the job quickly and also helps reduce inconvenience to you, their customer.


Do you think a professional painter would just “take a guess” at how much your project is going to cost, how much paint will be required, and how long it is going to take? No way. Instead, they are going to do a complete walkthrough to see what is being painted. They will take measurements, ask a lot of questions, and will probably take pictures or notes as well.

Colors, Finishes, and the End Goal

An expert house painter wants to make sure that you are happy. They will ask about what colors you would like, any specific finishes, etc. If you have not selected a specific brand yet, they can also give good recommendations regarding their favorite paint brands. This is wonderful because most customers have no idea regarding the quality of paint. Even if you see ads on the television or hear them on the radio, which does not mean it is a quality brand!

Insurance & Licenses

A professional painter should have insurance along with proper licenses. This will help you feel safe about hiring this business, as it adds a layer of shelter for both yourself and them in case of an accident. The painter should provide this info to you for your records.

Understanding the Estimate and Pricing

Indirect Costs

These are the costs that are not directly related to your painting project. For instance, indirect costs include the monthly payment on the equipment, work truck, overhead and benefits for the crew. Indirect costs also comprise of things such as the utilities and rent of the contractor’s headquarters. Part of the salary for support staff, such as an administrator, is also incorporated. Clienteles often forget about these kinds of costs until they first receive the estimation. When it turns out higher than they might have expected, it is usually because of the indirect expenditures.

Direct Costs

Direct costs are mostly just painted, labor and gas (particularly if you live out of town from the painter’s main region). These are the expenses that people commonly think of when coming up with their own budget. These costs can vary extensively depending on where you live and what kind of paint you want. For instance, areas with a higher cost of living can expect to pay more in labor costs. 

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