How to Hire a Painting Contractor Questions to Ask

A fresh coat of paint can do magic when it comes to improving the internal and exterior look of your house. Your house may have been constructed decades ago, but with a painting project, be transformed into a magnificent looking home. However, the painting project largely depends on your hiring decisions. Below are a couple of questions you can ask the painting contractor before settling to hire him on a permanent basis.

How long has he been in the painting business?

Novice painting contractors do not paint as well as the experienced ones. Ask the contractor for how long he has been doing his job. Some painting contractors can claim that they have worked for years yet they are just starting out in the painting world. To verify that the painter has experience, ask for references. You can choose to contact these references and find out how his previous customers would rate his work. If most of them were pleased with the painting the contractor did, then you should consider hiring him.

Is the painting contractor insured or licensed?

A highly skilled painting contractor should have a credible licensing policy. In the event that he causes damage to your house in the course of painting, he will be able to pay for the costs required for remedy. Being registered to an insurance company is a plus for any painter. It shows the painter is prepared to compensate you for any damage he causes. Homeowners have ended up shouldering the blame of damages caused to their homes because they hired a handyman from the streets who was not licensed. He may be cheap but if he causes a wreck on your house, there is no way of following him up to incur the cost. Additionally, ask the contractor if he offers any warranty. Few homeowners know that there are warranties offered on home services. Any contractor who has a good reputation should be in a position to offer one.

Does the painting contractor keep a clean work place?

Painting is generally a messy job. Even if you spread newspapers or other sheets of paper on the floor, some paint is bound to pour on the flooring. To determine if a painting contractor is really good at his job, cleanliness should be one of his agendas. As soon as he is done painting a section for the day, he should take it upon himself to wipe out any sections that have poured on the flooring. Besides keeping his working place clean, he should also store his equipment aptly in the storage area. If it is not in his habit to put away painting equipment after use, you can emphasize this to him from the beginning.

What kinds of products does he use?

Not all brands of paint are made with the same quality. Some are of poor quality and tend to wear out when easily scratched. Ask your painting contractor what kinds of paints he intends to use or he has been using for his previous clients. The brand of paint that he utilizes will play a chief role in achieving an aesthetic appeal. It will also determine how long this splendor will last. Be ready to spend more money if the quality paints cost much more than the ordinary ones.

What preparation will be done on the walls?

The secret to tough and long lifelong paint job totally depends on the kind of preparation a painter does on the sections to be painted. Hence it is very imperative to ask about all the preparation tasks that need to be done before the final coat and finishing is done.

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