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Wedding planning is one of those tasks filled with joy, anticipation and nerves.  Implementing a wedding planning timeline can be a great way to keep it from becoming too overwhelming and as a wedding planning specialist, or bridal consultant, your job is to keep the bride on target so that she is ready for her big day.  This is delicate work and as the day gets closer, it can be even more difficult.  Being organized and an outgoing person is a great start.  Then having a good understanding of the wedding industry and advertising your services to gain the most connections can go a long way to making you successful.

Today, certification and training are important to nearly all professions and wedding planning is not an exception. There are courses and workshops geared toward professionals in the wedding industry.  If you have attended a workshop or training course and received certification for the time, then it can serve as your credentials for possible clients and also for membership in the ISES or theInternational Special Events Society.  While membership is not strictly needed, it may be an organization to investigate to see if it can be of any help or support in your endeavors.

As a wedding planning specialist, you can become the brides, and possibly the grooms, best friend when it comes to making their wedding everything that they dreamed of and more.  One thing that makes this possible is having an adequate time frame to get things done well for the couple.  When the wedding planning timeline is shorter than youd like, relying on the relationship with your vendors may be the way to make it all happen in spite of the tight time limit.

If your business is booming, then managing the clients and all of their details might be a bigger challenge than convincing the hotel that the horses for the carriage will not poop on their entryway carpet.  Using some wedding planning software might be the answer to this management task.  Some software can even allow you to set up a wedding website for your clients to have, an itinerary planner for the day, shared calendars with your clients to make sure that you are both on the same page and even some online idea boards that make it possible to share photographs, thoughts and silliness as the planning continues.  Purchasing wedding planning software may give you an edge over your competitors that do not have the technology.  Many free trials exist, so trying before you buy could be a good thing to do.

Advertising your business is an important aspect not to overlook.  While traditional business cards, pamphlets and brochures are still needed for wedding expos and other places that you can leave some printed materials, having a website, utilizing Twitter, Facebook and other places can help you to increase your reach and engage the customers that you truly want.  If you are an event planner and also do weddings, getting more information out on social media may help you to be the name that is considered for whatever the event that is planned.

Wedding planning can be an exciting career that keeps you meeting new people and using your creativity on a daily basis.  Being organized is the key to success because your job is to make everything come together for the wedding and if you miss something the special day might be ruined and so will your reputation.  Using tools like planning software and seeking training to further your connections in the industry can make you the best planner in your area.

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