Non-traditional Wedding Minister Vows and Officiant

Marriage is a one of the most important steps that a man and a woman take together. It is usually symbolized by the taking of solemn vows during a wedding ceremony. The ceremony can be officiated by a non-traditional wedding minister. The union is based upon mutual respect, love and affection. The couple's lives are bound to change and their obligations will increase. In addition, the couple's joy is bound to multiply if they show sincerity and honesty with their vows to one another.

The officiant is responsible for organizing the entire wedding ceremony, especially the time when vows are exchanged. The groom and the bride can repeat the vows after the officiant or they can prepare their own vows. The vows are usually a promise to love and to cherish one another whatever the situation. The groom specifically vows to comfort, honor, keep and forsake all other women and to remain true to his wife until death. The bride, on the other hand, also promises to love, comfort, keep and forsake all other men and remain faithful until death.

The officiant usually asks them to confirm these vows by having the couple say "I do." The ceremony can be very short or long depending on the kind of vows exchanged. The couple may also decide to add some flavor to the wedding ceremony by reading love poems to each other. They may also sing religious hymns to accompany the ceremony. After the ceremony, the officiant will ask the couple to exchange rings to signify that they are now man and wife. The rings are also meant to deter any person that might intend to have a romantic relationship with either one of the couple.

The law demands that witnesses be present when the vows are being exchanged. You can invite your family and friends to your wedding ceremony officiated by a non-traditional wedding minister. You might opt for a simple wedding ceremony with just a few of your friends and family or you might decide to have a public wedding where anybody is allowed. However, you must send invitations to the people whom you feel must be present for the ceremony to be complete.

Such a special occasion demands special attire. Therefore, you will see a bride wearing a specially made wedding dress while the groom will be smartly dressed in a nice suit. You can choose the color and design of the wedding dress or suit to wear to your wedding.

A wedding venue is often decorated lavishly according to the theme that the couple likes. You can have flowers, balloons and brightly colored ribbons to decorate your wedding.

A wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion for the couple, family and friends. Therefore, the vows exchanged should create an environment where the happiness is extended for the rest of their lives. The non-traditional wedding minister will often insist on the couple strictly keeping the vows and maintaining the union. The officiant is also supposed to offer words of encouragement and advice, knowing that every marriage undergoes turbulent times. You will be advised to put love first before anything else. Since the wedding ceremony has a religious background, the officiant may also advise you to incorporate God's wisdom in your marriage.

A married couple should also maintain friendship with one another. This will be crucial in the face of disappointments and challenges. You can hold a party after the wedding ceremony. You might also receive gifts from friends and family who attended the wedding to wish you well. You should give thanks to all the people who responded to your invitation and those who offered you gifts.

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