Wallpaper is Stylish in 2018

Wallpaper is stylish. Its making a comeback, and its no longer the purview of generations past. There are stripes, bold patterns and bold colors.  This years wallpaper trends have something for every taste.

Before discovering whats in store for 2018, lets review how to paper your walls and choose a covering. Hanging paper begins with the room. Will it have high traffic or occasional use? What mood do you want it  to have? With a little planning, it makes the process easier. Since theres no right or wrong, make choices based on your tastes and decorating sense, room use, ease of maintenance and the mood you want to achieve.

Next, get familiar with the different wallpaper styles available. There are standard coverings, coverings for high traffic areas and fabric and natural fiber coverings to name a few. Visiting a local decorating store or working with a designer provides wallpaper design tips. For high traffic areas, there are washable papers. The mood is more subtle as it depends on taste and style. Prints and patterns are plentiful from the classical to the eclectic.

Keep in mind wall coverings need maintenance. For easy maintenance, check the manufacturers instructions to get a feel for whats needed. Coverings are coated making care easier. Most upkeep requires a dry sponge treated for coverings, lambs wool and those cleaning aids recommended by the manufacturer.

The best maintenance is regular dusting. Dust dulls and darkens the brightest paper. For stronger cleaning, a light, damp sponge with a small amount of liquid detergent is recommended. Fancy prints or fiber coverings may require additional steps.

Hanging wallpaper hasnt changed from generation to generation. The first step is priming the wall. Make sure the wall is clean, patched and free of any dust. Pending the type of paper used, you may need to apply a liner. Then, apply adhesive to the covering while its face down on a work surface.

Next, block the paper. Touch the backs of the paper to itself along its top and bottom edges. This makes handling easier. Finally, apply the paper to the wall. Unblock the top edge and attach. Using a brush specially made for hanging paper, smooth the paper. Allow an extra 2 to 3 inches of paper along the top if no crown molding is being used. Then repeat the process until you complete all papering.

Now you have an idea on choosing wall coverings, hanging them and caring for them. Granted, the above process is simplified. But you dont have to work solo. Help is just a quick visit to your local remodeling store or designer. In addition, there are several YouTube demos for the self-starter. Both offer useful direction on choices, design tips, installation and maintenance. For further help, there are many design services available to take your wall covering project from start to finish.

Then, theres the joy of wallpaper decorating! The choices of different wallpaper styles are abundant. One designer at HGTV.com recommends themes. She used male fabric patterns to decorate rooms for him, her and the entire family. These patterns lend themselves to striking yet neutral tones and are a fit for any palate. Another designer uses classic patterns like damasks to accent a wall in a room to compliment contemporary furniture. Again, visit to your favorite website, remodeling store or interior designer to get help with your wallpaper decorating.

Wallpaper trends for 2018 are exciting! One report shows metallic, glass and beads are just some of the paper offerings. These styles give a punch of glamour. Also available is reposition-able paper. This new addition can be moved 100 times without losing its adhesive, a perfect choice for dorms and apartments. Nature prints and natural textures complete this years offerings. Online websites are a great starting point for wallpaper design tips and getting ideas for whats available.

Whether your taste is traditional or eclectic, theres wallpaper for you. The skys the limit on your choices.