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Let’s look at Traffic Ticket Enforcement and Traffic Tickets from another perspective: Big Business and Easy Revenue!  Every year in the United States, six million dollars' worth of speeding tickets are issued every year.  In previous years, California alone has generated over 22 million dollars in revenues from various types of traffic violations.   Unfortunately, It's all about the money... in a bad economy why do you think there are a record number of speeding ticfkets issued and redlight cameras going up?

Do you think it's for public safety or for the State Coffers?  We are talking about a multi-million dollar traffic ticket industry in which the slightest infraction can end up costing the most conscientious of drivers several hundred dollars these days.  Typically, speeding tickets are usually issued to motorists that fail to stop or follow traffic signals.  Fighting such charges without the assistance of competent traffic ticket attorneys may result in a plethora of trips to the courts, as well as unsatisfactory decisions in a number of the cases.

Traffic ticket lawyers assist individuals in dealing effectively with matters regarding their insurance, driving record, and licenses. This is however, not everything. There are a number of concrete reasons for motorists and commercial drivers to employ the services of a qualified and experienced traffic ticket attorney. This article takes a look at some of the reasons for hiring traffic ticket lawyers that are proficient in traffic law, commercial and criminal law.

  • Reduction of premiums: It is a fact, insurance companies spend millions of dollars every year investigating motor vehicle driving records…and it’s not to issue out clean driving record bonuses to its clients.  Insurance companies usually raise premiums based on the violations that their clients were held responsible for and that are appearing on their driving record.  Therefore, paying a speeding fine may provide grounds for an insurance company to increase the premium of a motorist.  While a motorist's argument may limit his or her defense, a traffic ticket attorney that has had adequate experience and skills would negotiate the motorist's case meticulously (keeping points off the MVR driving record) in order that the insurance company may bring down the premium. This is especially useful for motorists that have already accumulated charges on their licenses.
  • Clean image: A majority of jobs require a candidate to have a clean image; therefore, an addition of twelve points within two years may arouse the suspicion of the recruitment executives. As a matter of fact, losing a license could result in the loss of a job. Traffic ticket attorneys are well aware of this fact and, therefore, skillfully work to ensure that the case is dismissed, or to at least get the points against their client's licenses reduced to a level that is acceptable. 
  • Time saving:  Employing the services of a competent and experienced traffic ticket attorney will also save a motorist time and money.  Most traffic violations throughout the US and Canada require a court appearance—and that could turn into hours or days of traveling back to the town hosting the speeding ticket.  This can also lead into time off from work to handle a traffic ticket in person. This is where the hired traffic ticket lawyer can help.  In most county courts, drivers have the option of having a traffic ticket attorney stand in for them on the court date. This saves drivers time because cases with professional representation are given higher priority in the court than cases where motorists do not have professional legal representation. The courts practice this protocol to not only value the time of the legal professional, but to also extend a courtesy to other courts that have scheduled cases to be handled by the attorney in question.
  • Prevent Loss of Income:  The CDL (Commercial Driver License) holder faces an additional burden of federal laws that can jeopardize ones income.  All it takes is 1 or 2 traffic tickets on the MVR (Motor Vehicle Record) to cause problems.  There are Sections of the Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986 that states that two serious violations within a 3-year period cause a 60-day suspension.  Three serious violations within a 3-year period cause a 120-day suspension.  An information system was established to serve as a clearing house so a state or employer may check the status of a driver’s CDL.  There are also new CSA laws that are enforcing higher points for even on warning tickets and threatening to keep points on the driving record for over 10 years.  Drivers Defensive School or Traffic School is no longer an option available for CDL holders to help keep points off their driving record.  The professional driver must hire a traffic ticket defense attorney that will do everything within his power to keep points of the driving record.
  • Better deals:  Another essential benefit of hiring a professional traffic ticket lawyer is that the prosecutor typically resists trial with a professional adversary, which will be the case when an accused motorist hires a specialized attorney to represent him or her. As a result, the prosecutor is likely to offer the charged motorists a good deal. In addition to that, only a competent and experienced traffic ticket lawyer would discern whether the deal that the prosecutor offers is worth taking advantage of. 

Therefore, in the event that a motorist is pulled over and handed a traffic citation, he or she should hire the best available traffic ticket lawyer in order that he/she would obtain the best results. It is imperative that one hires a traffic ticket attorney that has been working in this field for a long time and has successfully represented other motorist or commercial drivers.

Motorists that have been given traffic citations can read online reviews about the traffic ticket attorneys that they are considering in order that they may get a good idea of the quality of legal services that the prospective attorneys provide. They can also visit the websites of the prospective traffic lawyers and read through the site. Thereafter, they can set up appointments with attorneys that they feel are suitable for the job.  Fortunately, a number of traffic attorneys may not charge prospective clients for the initial consultation.

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