Finding A Car Accident Lawyer

A car accident lawyer is just a personal injury lawyer that specializes in automobile accident cases.  Because they only handle car accident cases, they are better equipped to handle these cases.  They have an army of car accident experts at their disposal when needed.  They know how much juries are awarding for each kind of crash injury.  Therefore, they have the background to win a better and bigger settlement for their client that a regular personal injury attorney.  

Virtually every auto accident lawyer handles cases with a contingency fee.  This assures that the victim pays nothing out of pocket.  The lawyer gets paid from a percentage of the amount of the recovery.  All costs related to the case, including obtaining records, depositions, and paying witnesses are paid for by the lawyer.  They recover these fees from their portion of the recovery. 

Contingency fees were created to make hiring a lawyer affordable for anyone who has a good case that needs the assistance of an experienced attorney.  Attorneys are extremely expensive when paid for on an hourly basis.  Most people injured in car accidents do not have the assets necessary to secure the services of a lawyer in this manner, especially if they do not win the case and are stuck paying the bill without the help of a large settlement.  These fees have helped people hire an attorney that would not have been able to otherwise.  These fees also give the attorney an incentive to get the best possible auto accident settlement for their client, as there are paid a percentage of the proceeds from that settlement. 

Car accident litigation has become more complicated.  The high powered lawyers for the insurance companies are expert at reducing the amount the company has to pay out.  They can commit large amounts of resources to establish that their client is not liable, or that your injuries either did not occur or are much less than you are claiming.  Hiring an experienced car accident lawyer gives you the experienced representation that you need to go to battle with the insurance company lawyers and receive proper compensation for your injuries. 

When hiring an attorney to represent you in a car accident case, you need to find one with experience in these cases.  Preferably you want one who is conveniently located to make meetings easy to attend and one who will work for you on a contingency basis.  Not all lawyers do that.  Do not let price determine which lawyer you will hire, as you will end up getting the quality of representation that you pay for. 

Do not waste time.  Don’t rush the decision, but make hiring an attorney a priority.  Medical bills will quickly begin to accumulate quickly, and you will need an attorney to be able to address the concerns of medical personnel when it comes to paying the bills.  Referrals are always the best way to start looking for legal services.  Find at least three to consider, then you can check on their references before making a decision. If you can, choose a lawyer whose practice is solely dedicated to representing car accident victims, as they will have the experience and expertise necessary to do battle with lawyers from the insurance companies.

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