This is when you need to replace your roof

Just like everything in your house will need some kind of replacement or revamping, you roof will also need a replacement – especially when it’s high time! It is not always the case that it will be completely evident to you that you have to get your roof replaced – but you will have to read between the lines! You will have to take notes of the signs that your existing roof is retiring. 

The following are the signs and indications that you need to replace your roof:

Indication #1: Signs of water damage that you may seem to ignore. 

Water marks and mildew may be ignored for water that may have come in due to the last rain, being optimist is good – but don’t consider yourself too lucky! In a few cases, this may be true; but in others – it may not! This can be an early indication that your roof requires a replacement. In the least, this means that your roof requires repairs, but when it comes to getting your roof repaired, it’s a bad idea to put new shingles with the old ones. Water seeping through the roof means that the existing shingles aren’t able to hold back the water and can also cause runny roofs in the near future. This is an inconvenience on its own and you should be taking steps to fight it. 

Indication #2: When you begin to notice molds and moss growth. 

Among the other things to be cautious about – take care of the moss and molds growth on the outside of your roof. Moss and mild growth on the roofs can make the tiles force themselves apart. This creates a gap in the roofs and allows water to seep in. Check your roof for rain, mildew and also for molds and moss growth. If you find any alarming situation of this sort, get rid of it on your earliest. Or else, your roof will need replacement in sometime soon. A bit of mold and moss can be gotten rid of; but when you begin to find them in massive amounts – get your roof replaced.

Indication #3: When you notice loose roof tiles.

Performing an annual roof check is important. Check for the signs of loose tiles. This is a simple task, all you need to do is to step on the tiles in order to check if they are loose or fine. You will be able to get a knowhow that which part needs repairs and which doesn’t. If you notice a significant number of loose tiles; then it is the time for getting the roof replaced. A roof with a lot of missing tiles is weak and thereby alarming. 

Indication #4: finding debris and granules in your gutter:

Sand-like granules and pieces of asphalt singles may be found in your gutters. The granules form a top coating of the tiles and protect them. If you begin to find them in the gutters – this may be a sign that the shingles are deteriorating. In worst cases, the debris of the shingles may also begin to be found in the gutters. Few lost granules are fine but make sure that the loss isn’t escalating and this doesn’t happen too often. 

Due to changes in weather, the asphalt may also weaken and begin to loose. Also be wary of the trees nesting on your roofs that can weaken the coating of your roof.

Among other things, make sure that you perform a thorough check in broad day light and also take care of the factors like roof sagging, light coming through your roof, attic leakages and specially of the fact that when is the 25th birthday of your roof approaching. You will soon be needing a roofer! Make sure that you choose the right one based on our indications in other blogs. 

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