The Only Mattresses Buying Guide You Will Ever Need

Choosing mattresses is an unwelcome ordeal, yet one everyone should go through every 5 to 7 years.  If you get the recommended 8 hours of sleep every night then you, like most people, will spend 1/3 of your life on your mattress.  There are several area to keep in mind when choosing a mattress: choosing size and firmness, understanding the brand names,  will you need a boxspring, and how to choose a mattress store. Here is a guide to help you find the best mattress buys for you. 

Choosing Size And Firmness
Two ways to measure a mattress are size and firmness.  Most people know the names of the mattress sizes, but not the dimensions.  The standard mattress sizes are twin, 38 x 75; full or double, 53x75; queen, 60x80; king, 76 x 80; and California king, 72 x 84.  What one company calls super soft, another might call ultra-plush.  The best way to determine the firmness of a mattress is to lie down on it.  You should spend 15 minutes five on each side and five on your back to determine if the mattress feels firm enough for you.  Studies suggest that people who suffer from back pain should sleep on a medium-firm mattress.  Memory foam is temperature sensitive and conforms to your body after a few weeks.  Innerspring mattresses are more common and less expensive.  With an inflatable mattress, you can choose a different degree of firmness for each side of the bed. 

Understanding Brand Names
Many manufacturers use different brand names and change details like padding, color, and quilting for different sellers.  To help you sort through the different names, mattress makers offer information on their websites.  Simmons, for example, provides basic information on its Beautyrest, BeautySleep, ComforPedic, TruEnergy, and Natural Care lines.

Will You Need A Box Spring
Box springs are the foundation of the bed, and can sell for as much as the mattresses.  Generally, they are just a wooden frame encasing stiff wires and encased in fabric.  You can maximize your money by buying a more expensive mattress but a basic box spring.  If your current box spring is in good shape and only a few years old, consider only getting a low profile box spring if you are going to buy an ultra-thick mattress.

Choosing A Mattress Store

Unless you have tried the exact mattress at a store, do not buy mattresses for sale on line.  A larger percentage is returned by customers who purchase mattresses for less on line.  Always go to a store where you can test the mattress you are considering.  Department stores might offer the best mattress buys, but tend to be crowded and offer little to no expert sales help.  Bedding stores are a far better alternative, with considerably more helpful salespeople, and have a larger selection of mattresses for sale.

HINT:  Always start at the back of the store, where you will find mattresses for less than towards the front.  The most expensive mattresses for sale are always at the front of the store. It is common to find mattresses for sale. Learn the prices of the top brands; otherwise you wont really know if an advertised sales price is a bargain.  Some advertised bargain prices are discounted from prices higher than the store would regularly offer.  Have an option at several different stores. Being willing to walk out empty handed makes it more likely that you will get mattresses for less than you would otherwise.

Warranties & Guarantees - LEAVE THE TAG ON. 
No, the mattress police wont arrest you, but most large mattress manufacturers require the tag to process a warranty claim. Warranties cover defects in workmanship and materials for 10 to 20 years, not comfort or normal wear.  For that, you need a comfort guarantee.  Look for one that lasts for several months, as some only last for two weeks. 

Returning a mattress can cost you a return fee.  And, manufacturers cover the price minus an annual usage charge.  An inspector will show up to verify your warranty claim, and has several ways to get out of replacing the mattress.  Shopping for mattresses does not need to be stressful.  Follow this guide, and you should be able to find the best mattress buys in your area with little to no hassle.

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