How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can invade almost anywhere right from a dingy prison cell to the White House. While the trouble you will find yourself in with these small vampires will be quite on a smaller scale, you will go through a number of sleepless nights, not to mention digging a hole in your pocket just to keep them at bay. If you find three bed bugs in your bed, it simply means you acted as breakfast, lunch and dinner for them. In other words, this pest crept into your beddings and sucked your blood, the entire night while you slept. If you want to know how to get rid of bed bugs completely, then your search will come to a swift end after trawling through this article.

You will know these bugs exist if you see peanut sized, dark brown pests crawl on your beddings, suitcase, furniture or wall. Now, if you discover their presence, you need to act with speed and emergency to eliminate them because chances are, they will breed and multiply faster than you thought. You can follow several steps to get rid of these little pests from your precious house. However, if you notice a huge infestation like in several rooms, you might need to enlist the help of a professional.

First, de-clutter and clear off the room. Do away with anything you do not need like magazines, newspapers, books and so forth. Pile these materials inside plastic bags and seal them before disposing them off.

Remove every clothing and bedding, and put them in sealed plastic bags too. Launder everything at extremely high temperatures. If you cannot launder certain items, place them in a tumble dryer at a high temperature for around 10 minutes. A steam cleaner can still help you to eliminate these bugs from items that do not suit tumble drying or laundering. After treating garments, place them into fresh, plastic bags and seal them to avert recontamination. Remember to search out and treat closets and drawers, as these pests can hide anywhere.

Once your room is fully clear, vacuum every place in a procedural and thorough manner including the curtains, inside the bed, within furniture, soft furnishings, light switches, smoke alarms, and alarm clocks. To complete the task, you should empty the vacuum cleaner components into some plastic bag and keep it sealed.

Repeat the third step but this time using a steam cleaner. The pests will not stand the intense heat from a team cleaner. This should get out all bed bugs at whichever stage of development from the nymphs and eggs to the adult ones.

If your walls and floors have any crevices or cracks, you should consider repairing them and you will never worry about how to get rid of bed bugs again. The cracks and crevices are their common hideouts. Up to this point, you would have eliminated this menace though for effective results, you should carry out treatment.

You can simply obtain a broad array of treatments and sprays to help you kill any bugs that escaped the steam and vacuum cleaners. Most stores sell inexpensive chemical dusts and sprays that will eliminate all the bed bugs. Actually, you could even buy everything in a kit and use it to finish the bedbug problem.

These steps highlight how to get rid of bedbugs though observing this routine only once may not suffice. You may need to repeat the entire procedure a few times before declaring your home free from bed bugs. A number of contractors specialize in pest fumigation and you can easily hire their services if you do not have the time or facilities required to deal with these bugs.

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