Starting A Profitable Air Quality Monitoring Business

New environmental regulations have created a niche for experts in air quality monitoring.  A smart entrepreneur can seize on this opportunity for a substantial return on investment. 

Modern industry regulations seek to curtail the amount of pollutants that are being released into the environment.  The penalties that are affixed to these regulations are calculated to motivate businesses to lower their emissions by making it uneconomical to ignore the regulations. 

Now more than ever, businesses are reaching out for help in monitoring and controlling their emissions. Business people who are getting involved now are finding themselves alone in a business that promises high rewards. 

Millions of dollars are being invested in air quality monitoring equipment in the next several years.  Much of this money is being spent in high dollar sectors like coal-fired power plants and petrochemical facilities.  Concerned with protecting their profits from the specter of governmental levies due to unacceptable emission levels, these companies are installing air quality monitoring devices all over the world.  From the United States to the Middle East and China, businesses are rushing to retrofit their facilities to meet the new standards.

All of this air quality monitoring equipment has to be sold from somewhere.  This is where the smart entrepreneur can find a profit potential.  Businesses looking to invest money to install air quality monitoring stations on their property need a company that will offer them choices in such equipment, and a company that can also service that equipment in the future.  This sales and maintenance relationship is a proven winner.  Especially with an industry in its infancy, a business that can get in at the ground level and establish itself as an expert in the field will be experience sustained success. 

Air quality monitoring is not just for big businesses.  Many small businesses are finding themselves subject to these regulations due to indoor air quality standards.  Many government studies have confirmed that indoor air quality is a major public health concern, and regulations are being passed to improve indoor air quality in an attempt to improve public health and safety. 

The kind of air quality monitoring devices needed by small businesses different from what big businesses need.  Small businesses need air quality monitoring stations that will alert management of an issue that needs to be abated, whereas larger petrochemical plants need equipment that will remove contaminants from the air their company emits every day.  Starting a company to address the air quality concerns of small businesses is easier and requires much less capital.  However, the potential customer base is not as highly motivated because the potential dollar loss due to regulations is not as great.

Still, monitoring air quality is important.  Even homeowners are becoming interested in air quality in their own homes.  While selling these devices to existing homeowners could be a little difficult.  The real opportunity here lies with the home builders.  Green construction is growing in popularity, and many of these green home builders would be very interested in providing their customers with a house that has an air quality control and monitoring system installed.

There is a great deal of potential in air quality monitoring as a business.  Having a background in environmental sciences is very helpful, as some of the technologies involved can be very complex.  Becoming educated in his field is well worth the time invested.  Entrepreneurs getting in to this niche now will find themselves cornering their market quickly, and will be far ahead of any future competition for the foreseeable future.  The capital investment to get started can be fairly large, but the profit potential is large as well.

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