Sold is the word to describe auction services

Auction services are a critical piece of the real estate industry.  Lenders that work with mortgages, real estate developers and brokers may need to dispose of or liquidate property like homes or businesses that they acquire. Having an auction services company that they trust to take care of the sales is their best solution.  

While many auction services are done at live auctions on site or in an arranged community center or hall, there are more auction sites that have evolved on the Internet, as well.  If your company can do both well, then you may be the busiest auction services company around and busy is good for an auctioneer to be.

Getting your name out into the community is a big part of becoming established and keeping your business going.  Visiting real estate brokers and banks that handle foreclosures to make sure that they know you are available and what services you can provide can give you a nice network that can expand as people pass your information on to a colleague or as an agent changes their affiliation to another real estate company.  Doing some good follow up is a great way to continue the connections.  Just make sure that the follow up is not too intrusive to the day of the professional you are courting because if you are a pest, then your contact information will be filed under trash rather than treasure and you may not get called at all.

Donating your auction services for charity can be another way to get your name out into the community with possibly untapped populations.  Besides, doing charity work can be fun and can help them do more good work for the community.  Auction services for charity also allows you to show your talents and to practice your delivery in an often more relaxed atmosphere. If you can engage people at a community event, they are more likely to think of you should they need an estate sale.

Now, you've gotten your name out into the public and are getting some calls for jobs, but what else can you do to make sure that your business grows to be strong or maintains itself well?  Consider conducting more auction services online.  This can be an easy to do process and with online interfaces, like, you can even sell assets that are not in a live auction all day, every day.  While there are membership fees associated with these types of sites, it may well be worth it to add visibility and some other options to move more inventory and to be organized about your whole business.  Auction services online can be a nice complement to the live auctions that you facilitate because it can bring different people to the table and allow them to access good deals, as well as have the ability to browse in the comfort of their homes or offices.

Auction services can be an exciting and lucrative career choice, but there is definitely some legwork involved in making your business thrive.  Making and cultivating connections with key real estate people and bankers in your area is important, as is getting your name into the public for charity work and potentially more quick-turnaround projects like an estate sale or other liquidations.  Practicing your stage presence and being able to be organized and efficient when running an auction are also skills that can serve you well.   Using new technology can give you an edge, ass well. Then from the opening bid to the closing, sold remarks, you will be the auctioneer that people will want to hire.

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