Radon Testing In Your Home Why It Is Crucial For Safety

Radon is a substance that is extremely toxic when ingested or inhaled, therefore, radon testing is important. The substance cannot be seen or tasted, making it a toxic substance that is virtually undetectable with the naked eye. For this reason, the importance of radon testing cannot be highlighted enough because it isa way to ensure that the environment around you and your family remains safe. The following explains more about why radon is a concern and why it should matter to you, including the effects of radon gas. It also explains the importance of radon testing and the different options you have in radon testing your home or office for the deadly vapors.

Many individuals question why radon testing is even necessary. It is important to know that radon testing is important because thousands of deaths in the United States alone are caused annually by this substance. The substance can lead to many different diseases when ingested. It can be a precursor and cause for lung cancer development, a deadly disease with many victims throughout the U.S. The Surgeon General has provided a warning that lists the second highest cause of cancer as this substance. If you smoke in your home and radon is present, the chances of getting lung cancer are even greater.

Radon testing is also important because of the prevalence of radon gas. There is virtually no region of the U.S. where radon cannot be found. It is not secluded to one particular region or state because it is a naturally created compound. Radon comes from the soil and other natural elements. Specifically, the uranium breakdown that occurs in the rocks, water and soil of the earth release a gaseous substance that enters into the air that is breathed. Because of this ease of creation, the movement of radon is equally as problematic. It can seep into homes, businesses, offices and any other dwelling.

Because of the prevalence and mobility of radon gas, several governmental agencies encourage radon testing anywhere where there is a concern. The home is one location where radon testing should be completed because this is an area where radon is most likely to be found. Many governmental agencies require testing in schools because of the hazards that it presents to young individuals and employees alike. The importance with which the government takes this substance should highlight the importance of making sure that you have the proper testing to ensure safety.

If you need to know the level of radon in your home and need to know it quickly, there are quick acting options. Short-term radon testing options include the popular charcoal radon testing kit. Charcoal testing is quick and easy and rather cheap to conduct. It will tell you the current level of radon in your home to give you a basic understanding, and it will also provide you with readings for roughly three to seven days. This can provide quick term results but is not good if you have a problem that needs constant monitoring. For this reason, a long-term radon testing option may be the best idea for you in keeping your home and office safe.

A long-term radon testing kit can be more expensive but is the most comprehensive way to keep yourself sure that your home is protected. These kits can include ninety-day monitoring or up to one year. This allows you to follow the levels of radon in your home over time and really ensure that you are monitoring your space to the best of your abilities. The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a long-term radon testing option because it is the best to keep track of the radon levels over time. If you are willing to invest a bit more, this is a great option for you and your homes needs to better protect you against the effects of radon gas.