Queenscliff Accommodation Where to Go

Queenscliff is in the Borough of Queenscliffe, with an 'e' on the end. Queenscliff, (without the 'e') is a coastal town on one side of the entrance to Port Phillip Bay in Victoria Australia, about 100 kms from Melbourne. The borough also incorporates the town of Point Lonsdale just 3 kms away.  The borough is the smallest municipality in Victoria.

Queenscliff is a quaint little town with a BIG heart. Although its population is small it is one of the busiest holiday and weekend places visited in Victoria. It is an old town and as such has many old and magnificent buildings. It is also home to the Australian army which mans the island which monitors the waters between one side of the mouth of Port Phillip bay to the other.

Queenscliff is host to many festivals throughout the year, most notably the Queenscliff Music Festival held in late November. Due to the number of visitors visiting there is an obvious demand for accommodation. Fortunately the Queenscliff Accommodation is fairly abundant and as well as some of the best in the land. The variety is vast ranging from cozy little flats or apartments to 5 star hotels and everything in between. There are bed and breakfasts of all sorts from the genuine, where all facilities are shared, (except your bedroom), to luxurious guest houses where there are common lounges but otherwise you have a luxurious room with en-suite all to yourself.

The main hotel in town The Vue Grand is probably the most magnificent of the Queenscliff accommodation boasting the greatest number of rooms and most with fittings most people would die for to have in their own homes. If you need to ask the price to stay there then you can’t afford it.  However you can still go and visit and indulge in dinner perhaps in their fine dining room.

Athelstane House also provides up market Queenscliff Accommodation but at a more modest price. It’s rooms are spacious and most have their own bathrooms. Other properties in the area include Benambra B&B which also has a cottage attached as well as nearby winery called Suma Park with 10 cottages on the property. A popular place for weddings!

Queenscliff itself has a village type feel to it and its main street Hesse St is full of market type shops selling all things from haberdashery to exotic ladies wear. There are chocolate shops, ice-cream parlours, clothes shops, artifact shops and more. A full day is required to give the town justice.

When you are finished you can drive or walk down to the new harbour and enjoy a lovely dinner or lunch from one of the many new restaurants offering local cuisine and plenty of variety.

If you are looking for music then hop on the Blues train and take a train trip with a choice of music in four different carriages. The train runs about 4 nights per week but you must book well in advance. After the Blues train relax in your chosen Queenscliff Accommodation.

Queenscliff is not on the Great Ocean Road but nevertheless it is considered a part of the journey from one end to the other. Next stop from here is Ocean Grove, watch out for our next article.

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