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Not many people watching from the outside realize that a lot of preparation goes into all games lessons and activities at preschools. Educators take their time to prepare for each lesson to ensure that the preschoolers will benefit from the activities and games that they take part in while at school. Many educators today do not take the time to sit down before every lesson to come up with a plan for the lesson. This is because the most important thing is to decide on a theme for the lessons. Everything else tends to fall into place when there is a general theme for the lessons. Choosing a theme for your lessons will help you save a lot of time when in planning. 

Choosing themes for games and activities in preschools.

If you are a preschool teacher and are searching for a way to make planning lessons simple, you ought to consider using themes. Themes allow educators in preschools to integrate different activities into any single lesson. Educators can use a theme to allow children to learn more about a specific topic. The children will be able to look at the same topic from different angles by taking part in different activities and games.

It is important for educators to take their time and select a theme that is effective. This is because children in preschool have an insatiable interest in the world around them. They are at an age whereby they like to explore the world around them. It is therefore important for preschool themes to involve a lot of interaction with everyday items and situations. Children will otherwise be bored and therefore not learn anything from the lessons.

If you are struggling to find a theme that is effective for your preschool class you ought to consider some of the following common themes: seasons of the year, pets, animals in the zoo, geography, countries of the world, the home, different rooms in the home, occupations, the weather, or holidays. Educators can use any theme that preschool children are familiar with to help children learn about different things and develop skills in different areas.

While choosing a theme for the school activities you will have the choice of using a long term or short term theme. Short term themes usually last only a day or a few days. Long term themes may run for the whole school term. Long term themes should therefore be broad. They can be used for the long term as they can be broken down. Sub themes can be used for different lessons to help children learn more about different aspects of the main theme.

Using Themes for Games and Activities in Preschools

The application of the themes in the lesson is dependent on the educator. However, there are certain things that every educator needs to consider when determining the application of the themes.

It is important for the objective of the theme to be considered when deciding on how to apply the theme. The activities and games chosen should all point to the objective of the theme. For example, if you are trying to teach the children about animals in a zoo then you can use games and activities that involve animals.

Physical activity
It is important to include physical activity in each lesson. This will ensure that the children get involved in the lesson and therefore learn more. Children can take part in dancing or imitating animals to learn more about animals in the zoo for example.

it is also important to include a crafts project in the lesson. Children use arts and crafts to express themselves.

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