Finding the Best Montessori School Preschools and Schools

The Montessori system of education was developed a little over a hundred years ago. It was developed to ensure that children take control of their own development. Children are therefore allowed to choose the activities that they take part in instead of a lesson plan that is controlled by educators. The teachers are only present to assist or guide the children and ensure that they develop in accordance with their own learning abilities.

The Montessori system of education has since been widely accepted and has been adopted in various schools. If you are currently engaged in finding the best Montessori school for your children's preschools and schools, you ought to take some time to consider the following factors.

There are many Montessori schools springing up all over the place. How can you tell whether you are choosing a school that can be trusted to be using a legitimate Montessori system? You can check to ensure that the school is affiliated to a national or international Montessori program such as the American Montessori Society (AMS). Affiliation or accreditation by any of these organizations ensures that teachers have the right credentials and that the school uses a legitimate Montessori system. There are also other requirements for quality that the schools have to meet to ensure that they retain their affiliation or their accredited status.

It is also important to ensure that the teachers have the right training. Talk to the teachers and find out where they were trained and what they were trained in. Ensure that the teachers and the teachers' aides are certified.

Finding the best Montessori school for preschools and schools means checking on the history of the school. It is important to ensure that the school has been running for not less than three years. This will allow you to evaluate the progress of the school as a Montessori program runs for a three year cycle. Ensure that every child stays with the same teacher for the three year cycle. You will also be able to check on the retention of educators in the school. Ensure that the same teachers finish the cycle with the children. This allows children to fully explore their development instead of starting all over again with a different educator.

Check on the activities that the children are involved in. It is important to ensure that the children are allowed to explore different activities. The teachers should not be imposing their ideas on the children but acting as guides alone. The children should be allowed to develop at their pace and partake in activities that contribute to this development. This means that they are to choose what they want to do.

Although the children are allowed to carry out different activities at the same time, it is important that the activities contribute to the development of the children. This means that the children should be kept occupied in educational activities while in class and not causing chaos. The room should not be noisy and haphazard. The school room activities should reflect order.

Finding the best Montessori school for preschools and schools involves visiting the school and having a taste of the classroom. You should observe how the children treat the teachers and their assistants as well as how the teachers treat the children. Each party should respect the other party.

Take your time when searching for a Montessori school. Ensure that the school you select will contribute to your child developing to their fullest potential. It is important to take your child along with you to ensure that they are the right fit to the school that you are considering.

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